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Your Dreams Take Time

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Did you know that an elephant is pregnant for 18-22 months? To be able to grow a baby so big, she has to carry the baby in her belly for 18-22 months before she gives birth to it. This is because elephants are the largest land animals in the world with the biggest brains, so they need the proper time for the fetus to develop in the womb so that the baby has the brain power to survive from birth. 

When I learned this, I thought about the patience it takes and how nature knows exactly what is needed to grow this magnificent animal. It also made me think about how much humans rush, rush, rush, and hustle, hustle, hustle, and stress, stress, stress to get everything to come on our want-it-now timeline. We want everything right now or we are just unwilling to put the time in to grow, and be, do and have all that we desire. We often don’t give ourselves the proper time to heal, learn and grow in a way that our brain and body can thrive. Instead we rush, we stress, we hustle and we suffer from burnout, or give up. 

When I created my first program, many people told me that 9-weeks for an online workshop was too long. I was hearing, “people want it NOW and they won’t buy the course because it is too much of a time commitment.” My entire inner authority resisted this. In fact, it takes more than 9-weeks to strengthen our inner world. It takes a lifetime.  It takes however long it (you) needs to take. 

I was talking to another entrepreneur a couple of weeks ago, and we were chatting about this want-it-now mentality. We see people starting a business, give it a few months and give up because it wasn’t happening fast enough. Not giving themselves a long enough time period for their business to thrive and survive.

Patience is a practice for me. I want all my goals to come right now too, but I cannot allow my impatience to keep me from the thing that I want, or to think that just because it hasn’t happened yet, it means it won’t come. So I practice patience, I stay committed to my goals because it isn’t just about me, and I let it grow naturally.  

We see influencers, bloggers, speakers, entrepreneurs and think, “wow, how did they become an overnight success?” They didn’t. What you are seeing is the fruit that has grown for years since they planted the first seed. You weren’t there for the late nights, the fails, and perhaps the 5+ years of backend work to get them to where they are.

For our personal lives, it takes time, commitment, practice, repetition and patience to strengthen our emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental muscles. Imagine the positive, energetic light force you remember you are when you allow yourself the time to grow, be, do and have all that you desire. 

Maybe you are feeling frustrated that you haven’t achieved a goal, dream or desire yet. Perhaps you are lying awake at night because you are beginning to lose faith, and fear is keeping you awake. Now I want you to imagine that the only reason it is taking time is because your dreams, goals and desires are so big and magnificent, like the elephant, that it needs a little more gestation time before it can be born, so it, you, can not only survive, but thrive. 

Whatever you do, if the desire is within you, if the dream is in you, if you really, really want and believe in it, DON’T GIVE UP!

All love,  


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