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You Are Never Failing At Life

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Posi-Tip #190 Revised copy

You know those moments when you feel like your totally failing at life and all your goals? Maybe you are feeling that way right now.


What I have learned is that even during hard times, struggles, challenges, frustration and losses, you can still love and be grateful for your life. You are still winning at life.


Will you have negative days? Yes, of course.
Will you have limiting beliefs and fears? You bet.
Will you have days where you can’t process your emotions and just want to crawl into bed? Absolutely.


But you will also have great days.
You will have beliefs that drive you forward to be, do and have all that you desire.
You will face those fears and say, “What the heck was I ever afraid of?”
You will have days where all your emotions are in check and you feel like a unicorn eating cake on a rainbow.


Repeat after me: “I am a human being who is allowed the space to be perfectly imperfect without judgement from self and others.”


You have a powerful weapon, a weapon that we all have, which is the gift of choice. Choosing to push the reset button and recalibrate when you get off track and deciding on a different path, thought process, belief, or perspective.


I feel you. I’ve been there and will probably enter that negative vortex again in the future. We all do. It’s called being a human, experiencing human emotions, which happens when we become waaaay too overwhelmed.


Two ways (not the only ways) to get out of that spiral of “I’m-totally-losing-at-life.”

  • 1: remember all the times you’ve won at life. You know you’ve tackled something way harder than what you are experiencing right now. I don’t say that to minimize what you are feeling. I say it to remind you of how amazing you are. Which is the first thing we forget when we are overwhelmed with a capital O. If you the reminder of how much you have already achieved, spend time writing it out. Make yourself an achievement list, an I’m so freaking amazing list. Become your own cheerleader.
  • 2: You’re gonna hate this one. You have to make time to recharge your batteries. That means putting your superpower cape away and having a human moment where you remind yourself that you can’t do it all. However, you can do what’s important to you and that includes making YOU a priority. It might mean you have to ask for help and the hardest part for some of you, receive it.


You are never failing at life. You might feel overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated by life, but you are not failing. If you feel like you are, consider it your souls way of telling you that something’s gotta give and you need some quality time unleashing your inner Contagiously Positive.


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