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What Would Your Highest Self Do?

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Audio Transcript

When I started the practices that I share here, and in my online workshops, I only knew one thing, that I wanted to feel good. 

I didn’t care care how, I didn’t even know how, or where to begin, I simply knew that feeling good was all I wanted. 

Back in those days, I call it pre-contagiously positive days, I tried ALL the things. Oh the stories I have! Conventional practices like therapy and coaching and unconventional practices like soul contract releases (in strange basements), reiki, multiple physic mediums, and all the things in between. I have even been to a Russian healer who barely spoke english and there was fire and an egg involved. That is a story I will absolutely share with you one day. It was wild! 

With every practice I tried, and every healer I visited, even the ones I knew I just wasted my money on, something started to shift inside of me. I began to get to know myself again. I still ask this question, do we get to know who we are, or do we remember who we have always been but was hiding behind a mask?

Whether I was just remembering, or simply growing (maybe both), the most important thing is that I knew who I wanted to be. 

If you had asked me to put a label or name to it back then, I wouldn’t have been able to. So the day that a man I was working with said, “you are so f**king contagiously positive,” I felt an electric current run through me. YES, I thought, that is who I want to be! She is who I was remembering was my authentic self. She wasn’t lost, she would come out to play once in a while, but she spent so much time in the shadows of my unhappiness that I forgot all about her. 

From that day on, I have asked myself what she would do when I wasn’t feeling the way I wanted to feel, or reacting, acting and responding in a way that wasn’t supportive to my mental and emotional, even physical health.

Contagiously positive isn’t about being positive all the time. That is impossible. It is simply who I want to be. Even when I’m angry I want to react in a way that supports me while I’m in an angry state and not cause the anger to gain momentum or spread to others. Or, have to apologize for what I said in my angry state, which I had to do often and hated it. 

I don’t feel good when I’m angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, jealous, judgemental, hopeless, or impatient. Even though those feeling are very normal, it’s not where I want to take up permanent residence. 

For me, being Contagiously positive is all the ways I want to act, who I want to be, how I want to react, where I want to make my decisions from and all the ways I want to feel. 


By asking myself, “what would the contagiously positive girl do?” This helps me to shift my focus towards responding, reacting, acting, choosing, speaking and being a way that will support me through the feelings I don’t want to take up permanent residence in towards how I want to feel. I want to feel good! 

I know that I can’t feel that way all the time and trust me, I don’t do this perfectly. Please remember that we are all perfectly imperfect. That is why it is called a practice. Our contrasting emotions are necessary and will always be a part of us. But I have a true north compass that helps to guide me back. 

And…just because I’m angry doesn’t mean I have to act out in anger. I can be angry and feel all the normals feels of being angry and still ask myself, “what would the contagiously positive girl do?” This helps me to react and act in a way that is supportive and not destructive.

There’s a practice in this story, I promise. 


Who is your contagiously positive girl? Meaning, think of who you truly want to be and how you want to feel. If you could give her a name, or persona, or avatar, to focus on, what would it be? 

Now, when life has you feeling a way you don’t want to feel, you can feel it all, and allow her (your truest most authentic self) to hold your hand through to the other side –  your true north. 

All love, 
Laurie-ann (aka, the contagiously positive girl) 

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