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Using Your Authentic Aspects Of Self To Make Choices

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Every single day we are faced with choices. Sometimes we know exactly what to do, and other times we just aren’t sure. 

Should I leave that job or stay? 
Should I stay in this relationship and recommit, or is it time to go our separate ways? 
Should I say yes to that event, or respectfully decline because I’m not feeling it? 

Lately, it feels like many choices are being made for us, which doesn’t feel empowering, but life seems to be an endless stream choices and wondering which one is right. 

One way I make choices for myself is knowing what my authentic self desires and following my heart when I am in front of a decision fork. 

The key to knowing what the right choice is can be a simple as asking yourself, “what feels like the right choice for me right now?” Not what other people want, expect or demand, but what you want. 

Something that my authentic self craves is freedom. I thrive best when I have financial freedom, time and space freedom, and mental and emotional freedom. I crave it, I cherish it, and it is something I need. When I don’t have it, I feel overwhelmed by demands and expectations, and end up in survival mode. 

If I know my authentic aspects of what makes me thrive, I can use that to help me make decisions. I can use it as a compass, following my true north, to ensure I’m being true to the authentic aspects of myself, freedom being one of them, and choose, even if it doesn’t match the expectations of someone else. 

Checking in with your authentic self will help you trust where your attention, time and energy needs to go. It will help you say yes when you want to say yes, no when you want to say no, and not try to be all things to all people.  

The first part of this is knowing what makes you thrive. What aspects that your authentic self need in order to be your best and most highest authentic self? 

I want you to imagine that you are at a decision fork, you have to make a choice, and it might even involve someone else that you don’t want to disappoint. Take a deep breath and check in with yourself. Taking everything and everyone else out of the equation, other than yourself, what is the choice that feels correct for you right now? 

That is your heart. That is what I call your inner guide. It is your compass leading you towards your true north. The only decision you really need to make, which isn’t always easy, is whether or not you are going to listen to and follow it. 

It doesn’t mean that all the other things are not important, it just means that this is what is the most important for you right now, today, in this moment. Some of the other balls you are juggling may fall, for now, but the key to honoring your authentic self and her/his needs is making the best choice for you today. Trust me when I say, what is best for you, is also what is best for everyone around you. Some may say that you embracing your wants, needs and desires is contagious 😉 

Journal Prompts
Make a list of all the choices you have to make. 

Beside each one, I want you to write what your heart really wants. Take out any other factors or circumstances and just write what your heart wants.

When you write it down and answer with your first response, that is your inner guide speaking. What gets us confused is when we start to take everyone else into the decision-making equation. What you do from there is up to you, but you will at least know what your inner guide is saying. 

All love,


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