“The only person who can determine what kind of life you will live, and the quality of what that life will be is you.”


10 years ago, while I was working the work to heal my inner world, a man I worked with said, “you are so f$%king contagiously positive.” From that one comment, a couple years later, I started my coaching practice and became an entrepreneur – on a mission to help women make happiness their permanent default setting. This program is the work I was doing and continue to do today, that had me, who used to be extremely negative and unhappy, be dubbed The Contagiously Positive Girl.

Are you ready to unleash your inner contagiously positive?

If you just said, “heck yes!” that’s why I’m inviting you to take part in this 9-week online course to take a spiritual journey to discovering your happiness.

Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive is a spiritual journey to discovering your happiness within. Using vulnerable truth telling, I share what I believe are necessary techniques to transform limiting beliefs, fears, negative thinking, past pains, shame, guilt and resentment, so that you can unleash your inner contagiously positive self. These inspiring tools will help you release the blocks in your life and make happiness your permanent default setting.

This course provides 63 days of inspiration to help you unleash your inner contagiously positive self. Consider this course your guide to living a life full of more purpose, passion and joy, to make happiness a habit and true way of life.


 “Success and happiness is not finite. It is absolutely without a doubt infinite.  

There is enough to go around for everyone, including you, especially you.”


I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who are feeling unhappy and just don’t know why or what do to. Almost every single day a woman will tell me that she feels like she is burning out or is feeling unhappy, and what pains me the most, depressed and disconnected. I hear… “Just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried everything.” “Why can’t I seem to get it together when it looks like every other woman is doing so well?” “How can I change when no one else around me is changing, or is letting me change?” “I just feel so unsatisfied with life and don’t even have the energy to make any changes.” “I don’t even know where to begin!” “I’m so stressed out.” “Laurie-ann, I think I’m depressed, I can’t get ahold of my emotions.” Can you relate? If yes, The Contagiously Positive Woman’s Guide To Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive might just be what you have been waiting for.


This course will help you:

  • Understand the karmic energetic boomerang and how the universe always has your back, but you’ve got to have your own back first.
  • Reprogram your subconscious to work for you and stop the battle between your conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Replace limiting beliefs with positive self-supporting beliefs.
  • Transform your fears into faith.
  • Use your own inner guide to make decisions with ease.
  • Take all the negativity from your past and turn it into spiritual opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Forgive, release shame and guilt and once and for all feel totally free.
  • Make self-love a non-negotiable.
  • Make self-care a selfless act.
  • Discover what makes you happy.
  • Be as happy as a unicorn eating cake on a rainbow. Or something as fun and exciting.
  • Create your ideal vision for your career, relationships, money, health and life.
  • And so much more!


In addition to my personal experience, I am also bringing my educational background as a certified life coach and I have endless tools in my toolkit to guide you every step of the way. Every week I will share my stories, lessons, principles, and exercises that have transformed my fears into faith, limiting beliefs into self-love, unhappiness into joy, and how I keep myself connected to the inner contagiously positive girl within.


This 9-Week Course is $147 & Includes:

  • 9 inspirational audio lessons + workbooks to guide you into your inner contagiously positive journey (delivered weekly)
  • 45 doses of positivity to help you stay committed and inspired and deepen the topics we dive into each week.(1 lesson delivered daily)
  • Clear action steps to guide you to feel happy and gain deeper awareness and clarity.
  • Bonus audio affirmations to help you take the inner work deeper.
  • Guided writing prompts for expanding your connection with yourself.
  • Strategic topics to help you bust through blocks on a daily basis.
  • You will have full 24/7 access to the entire program, and all of its information, audio lessons, challenges, motivation, inspiration, daily lessons and tools to help you unleash your inner contagiously positive and upping your happiness game.
  • You get lifetime email support, which means that you can ask me anything, anytime. Forever coaching with me.
  • As we make any changes, you will receive free lifetime access to the updates.


Whether you’re feeling stuck in life and want more clarity or you’re looking for more guidance to help happiness be your main default setting, this course will help you reach your goal towards feeling the way you want to feel.

The next 9-weeks will be an incredible adventure into your own heart, so get ready to unleash your inner contagiously positive.

If you are ready, click the Buy Now button below. If you are still not sure, continue to read my personal message.

Cost of Course Is $147 Upon check-out, your order will be sent to the happiness workshop and you will receive your first email shortly. 


I want you to know that I am fully committed to the miracles that can occur in my life if I shatter the blocks that keep happiness out. That commitment, that belief, and that faith is what constantly guides me away from the darkness and lights up the path to unleashing my inner contagiously positive. After being dubbed the Contagiously Positive Girl, I became determined to help women see that you don’t need to search for happiness, but instead remember that it is already within them, just waiting to come out to play.

If you allow me to, I will help you unlock the true contagiously positive power that lies within you. I will help you go from feeling hopeless to waking up saying, “I feel so freaking amazing!” Restoring your hope. Restoring your faith. Restoring your happiness. Restoring you heart and soul.

I can do this because I have been right where you are, feeling unhappy and unhealthy – burning the candle at both ends and never taking the time for me. In 1999, I was far from the woman that I am today. For so many years I was living in Negative-Ville; a dry wasteland where I was living an alternate version of my authentic, positive, happy, believes that love cures all self. I felt as though I was spiritually, emotionally, and physically bankrupt. I had taken up permanent residence in Negative-Ville. I had not only purchased the land, I had built the house. I had a mind that was full of toxicity, fear, limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress, and so much worry.

One day I said, “enough is enough and decided that I was going to become the happiest person I know.” That one decision would eventually lead me to being dubbed The Contagiously Positive Girl. And today, I feel like everything happened so I could create this course. This is what I wish existed for me for 20 years ago.

And because I have been on both sides, I know what it really takes to feel happy, waking up saying (feeling with all my soul), “wow, this is the best feeling ever! I feel so good!”


I invite you to imagine what’s possible for you…


What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling hopeful, happy, healthy, energized and with a total sense of loving life?

What would it be like to no longer struggle to know what your mind, body and soul needs because you have total 100% power to know exactly what you need each day? And not only what you need, but the desire (energy) to work the work of doing it.


I want you know that you can have all of this and so much more. You can be, do, and have whatever your soul is requesting.

Maybe you are right where I was 20 years ago. Wherever you are right now, it is important for you to know that you can get to where you want to go. You can overcome the barriers that have been keeping you stuck. You can have the life you have always dreamed of. You can be do and have whatever you desire. You can unleash your inner contagiously positive.

Are you ready to start making being happy a non-negotiable?

I invite you to take this journey. Unleash your inner contagiously positive starts here.


  • You will receive an email immediately upon signing up with instant access to the Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive Course Introduction & Lesson #1 .
  • You will then start to receive your 9 weekly audio lessons and workbooks and a daily email every day for 9-weeks to enhance each weekly topic.

Cost of Course Is $147 Important Note: Once you check-out and your payment is finalized, you will be taken to a very important page. Read the message before closing that page as it includes special contagiously positive instructions :-) 



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