We have all experienced fear in our lives. Fear is a very normal response for when you are in a true dangerous situation. It is a natural defence system built into your mind and body. Your body knows exactly what to do when it is in danger. Your sympathetic nervous system ignites your fight, flight or freeze. And when the danger is over, your parasympathetic nervous system brings everything back to a calm and natural state. It is a brilliant system. 

However, we have been conditioned to fear so much, most not life or death, or even dangerous, and that fear, for many, isn’t shutting off, so it has morphed into panic. 

I never want to tell anyone what to feel, or not to feel, but panic is what we want to avoid because we are not rational when we are in panic. We are not kind to ourselves or to others when we are in panic. We don’t take care of our mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health when we are in panic. We don’t worry about anyone else having what they need when we are in panic. Because our panic brain says, “do what you need to do to survive. At any cost.” 

You are not doing anything wrong. Think of it like wires getting crossed in your brain. In panic, your body doesn’t know what to do. Do I run? Do I fight? Do I freeze? Your mind takes over, your body can’t handle the stress, your emotions are in overdrive. You may even get yourself into situations that makes you feel more fear, panic and emotional discomfort than when you began.

Remember the toilet paper shortage in 2020? That wasn’t a natural fear response, that was panic. Panic doesn’t think in rationality. It is a total feeling of danger, all encompassing, all consuming. It is frantic. Panic might keep you up at night, or make you want to sleep all day. Panic can make it difficult to breathe, difficult to think, difficult to act rationally, difficult to feel anything but the total animalistic need to survive at any cost.

But I PROMISE you, you don’t have to feel that way.

Unleashing Your Fears doesn’t mean bypassing them, ignoring them and pretending they don’t exist. Unleashing Your Fears is about emotional intelligence. Recognizing when your fear alarm bells have been turned on, and doing things that tell your mind and body that you are actually safe and not in any danger. This will communicate to your mind and body that you don’t need the fight, flight or freeze response, and avoid heading towards panic. 

My intention with this workshop is to help you navigate that. Because I only teach and share from my own experiences, these practices are the ones I have been using and have been so helpful to strengthen my emotional intelligence and live in an ebb and flow with my emotions. Basically, claiming them so they don’t claim you. 

Topics We Cover
Along with a conversation on transforming your fears, feeling your fears, learning from your fears through exploration, facing it head on, and avoiding panic, you will learn: 

  • An in depth look at the emotional and mental impact of what happens when fear turns into panic. Including the physical affect. 
  • Recognizing your fear defaults and patterns. Emotional intelligence begins with self-awareness. 
  • Practices that will help you to calm your nervous system so your mind and body can return back to a sense of safety. 
  • How to not allow fear to be your decision maker, but still feel and process the very normal and real feelings you are feeling. 
  • Strengthening your decision making muscles when reaching a decision fork. Of which there are many, so this will help you to prevent decision fatigue and not allow fear to be your decision maker. 
  • Practices to help you to navigate your emotions when you feel like you are in a fearful, or panicked state, and not take up permanent residence, or react, respond, act or make decisions from this place. 
  • Creating a true north compass to follow that will always guide you out of fear and into peace, calm and trust. 

This Workshop is $40

Topics Discussed:

  • 2-hour guided workshop
  • PDF printable workbook to guide you on your UNLEASH journey. 
  • Clear aligned action steps to help you practice the tools in your every day life.  
  • Guided writing prompts to deepen the inner work. 
  • Strategic topics to help you recognize fear triggers on a daily basis.
  • You will have full 24/7 access to the entire program, and receive all updates and/or changes at no additional charge. 
  • You get lifetime email coaching support, which means that you can ask me anything, anytime. Even though the workshop is self guided, you are not alone and I’m here to support you in any way that I can. 

What To Expect After You Purchase The Course
Once you check-out and your payment is finalized, you will be taken to a very important login page. Read the message before closing that page as it includes the instructions where you will enter the email address you want the workshop delivered to. 

You will receive an email immediately upon signing up with instant access to the workshop. 

Can be viewed, listened to, and downloaded on most devices (phone, tablet, and/or computer).



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