The most accurate decision making took you have is your own guidance system.

Each of us has an inner guide, an inner authority, a gut instinct, a nudge, those niggles you have that you feel so deeply, where you know exactly what you should do, who you want to be.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is there and it is always giving you signs. You may not always recognize or see it as a sign, but once you start to strengthen our inner guidance system, you gain so much clarity and making decisions, taking inspired action, going against the herd, and making necessary changes becomes so much easier. 

In this workshop, I’m sharing practices that will help you to strengthen your inner guidance system, especially when you have a difficult decision to make, are experiencing decision fatigue, need to make a change, or need more clarity. But what you are really going to do is connect to your authentic self so that you can turn down the noise coming at you constantly from the external world, saying “do this, do that, buy this, but that, think this way, believe in this, you should want this…” and everything inside of you is saying, “but that isn’t what I want!” 

I felt like this workshop was so important because we don’t always listen to our inner guidance system. It doesn’t always seem like the logical decision, or we just don’t trust ourselves enough because there is so much external noise telling us to do, or be something different.

You get the feeling, all those niggles are ignited, but you begin to look for a sign outside of you to confirm if this is the right path, or choice. But that feeling, that niggle, that is the sign. You already got the sign, you just need the trust, faith and courage to listen and follow the breadcrumbs. 

Trusting your intuition is like building a muscle. Like any muscle, it needs to be strengthened. That is what using your heart as your natural compass can do – it becomes your one true emotional guide – your inner wisdom – a muscle that gets stronger and bigger every time you use it.

Without strengthening your inner guidance system, you may end up doing that thing that everyone else is doing or being, even though it doesn’t feel good or work for you, or experience decision fatigue and not know what direction to take. This workshop will help you to not only trust in your inner guidance system, but to stop believing that you are doing something wrong because you want to do things differently. 

The Workshop Is $40.

In This 3-Hour Video Workshop You Will: 

  • Learn how to hear, connect to and strengthen your intuition, aka, your inner guidance system. 
  • Learn practices that will help you to strengthen your decision making muscles when reaching a decision fork. Of which there are many, so this will help you to prevent decision fatigue.
  • Learn about your Inner Guide and Saboteur so you have an awareness of which aspect of you is making your decisions. 
  • Practices to use your inner guidance system to process emotions so you can use your emotions as information downloads. 
  • Being given multiple practices that will help you make decisions, embrace change, strengthen your intuition and connect to and use your authentic voice. 
  • Learn how to stay in and/or get back into alignment with your wants, desires, values, and needs. 
  • Receive practices to help you take inspired action from what you desire, learning how to tune out the external noise. 
  • And be given even more practices to keep you inner guidance system lit and up front and center.

Each practice and exercise will keep you consistently pointing your towards your true north, where your inner guidance system always wants to lead you. 

What To Expect After You Purchase The Course
Once you check-out and your payment is finalized, you will be taken to a very important login page. Read the message before closing that page as it includes the instructions where you will enter the email address you want the workshop delivered to. 

You will receive an email immediately upon signing up with instant access to the workshop. 

Can be viewed, listened to, and downloaded on most devices (phone, tablet, and/or computer).


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