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Staying Healthy While Cruising The Roads

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Tips For Staying Healthy While Cruising The Roads (Blog)

I love to travel, especially long road trips with my husband, just taking in the scenery. What I don’t love is not being able to find healthy food options along the way. Some of those backcountry towns only have a small convenience store that stocks chips, chocolate bars, and candy. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love those things too, but they don’t keep my energy up, my belly healthy, and my waistline and butt in check. The last thing I want when I’m travelling is low energy, and a sore stomach. I also want to save all those extra calories for when I finally reach my destination and get to try out some of the local food.


There are ways to stay healthy, energized, and well fed along the way. Below are three tips, including recipes.


Tip #1: Pack it Up

You can make your own meals and snacks and take along a cooler with you. This can actually be really fun because you can stop for a picnic on your road trip and eat wherever you want. Maybe even finding a little oasis to enjoy, and it gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs. Pack healthy snacks so that you are not tempted to stop for chips and chocolate bars. Homemade trail-mix is a great snack option because it won’t spoil. If you know you are going to eat everything, you can stock your cooler with veggies and homemade hummus or even fresh fruit.


Tip #2: Bring Water

Buy a case of water and leave it in your car. Often what happens when we are on a road trip is we get thirsty, stop at a convenience store and will buy an energy drink, or something sugary and than also get tempted by the snacks. By packing your car with these healthy options, you are taking away the temptation of eating something that you will feel guilty about later and avoid eating empty calories.


Tip #3: Stop at Fruit & Vegetable Stands

This is a great way to support farmers and eat local fresh fruit and vegetables. On my last road trip, I noticed that we were coming across lots of fruits and vegetable stands off the highway. We would stop, pick up some fresh fruit and even little bags with some of our favourite, easy to eat vegetables. Some of the stands even had homemade dips, like hummus and roasted garlic spreads. What a bonus! Not only was this a great way to keep our health in check, but the food was so fresh and delicious. We always had bottled water in the car, so we could easily wash it when we made pit stops.


These tips and tricks are great guidelines for you to follow and know before hitting the road. You can still enjoy yourself and stay healthy. You are being mindful of what you eat and taking control of your health. You are not really giving anything up; instead you are adding lots of great things into your life all while become the healthiest and happiest person you know.


Road Trip Snack Ideas 

Below is what I packed for my last road trip. It may seem like a lot of food, but this is for two people and a couple of days. It was great to have this and not be forced to stop and eat at restaurants all the time, missing out on the beautiful outdoors. Also saving you money…bonus! In the picture below, we are having a tailgate snack at Lake Louise in Banff.


My Healthy Road Trip Snacks

2 boxes Mary’s gluten free crackers.

Extra old cheese.

Cut up raw vegetables (I brought carrots, cucumber and celery).

Hummus dip (Just watch for brands with a high sodium content, or make it yourself).

Simply Sprouted Bag of sweet potato tortilla chips.

Homemade organic beef jerky (this was for my husband who insists on having beef jerky, so I found this healthier alternative. No preservatives, so it needs to be eaten with the 3-days).

Homemade tabbouleh (see recipe here).

Blueberry chia seed pudding (see similar recipe here).

Bag of mix unsalted raw nuts, seeds and dried unsweetened fruit.

Bag of unsalted pistachios (my favorites, so they always make the trip).

A container of soy milk (this is optional for those who want their morning coffee without coffee mate, like me).

A small container of real lemon juice (I put this in my water bottle to mix things up).

A case of water (It is essential to keep your throat hydrated for all that car singing you will be doing).


What You Need

All you need is a smaller cooler and two bags of ice or ice packs to keep it cold. If you are packing enough for 3-days, like I do, you will need to replace the ice at least once. You will also need a small knife, some napkins, and a couple containers or paper plates to eat off of. And, most importantly, a cute place to stop and have a picnic 🙂


Happy driving!


Sending you oodles of positivity, happiness & joy,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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