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Serving With Love

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As I sit here with my morning coffee I am contemplating business, or more specifically, selling from a place of love. In the five years since starting my business, I have learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of social media, web design and knowing the numbers in my business, but as far as selling goes, I think many “experts” are missing a really important component, which is serving from love.

If you are a new entrepreneur, you are going to be drawn to taking a lot of courses, workshops and purchasing books on building your email list, getting those additional 1000 Facebook likes, how to sell millions on Instagram in just 1 month, increase your sales and meet your monthly financial goals. There is nothing wrong with this, this is all necessary as the back end of your business is critical for your growth and success. However, the front end of your business, where you interact with human beings is completely different.

The key component for getting those likes and those followers has nothing to do with numbers, sending an email at a specific time, or being a perfect little entrepreneur robot. It is about treating your customers as human beings and serving them from place of love. Men and women do not want to be sold to or put in a category on a specific list. The people we are serving as entrepreneurs don’t care about how we run our business behind the scenes. They want to be cared for, loved, have us share our best gifts, and treated like the amazing people that they are. They (we and me) do not want to be a number, or a dollar amount, or a tick off the box when the business reaches 999 likes. They (we and me) want to feel that your passion for your business matches the passion you have for serving others.

Feels So Good 

I am so drawn to companies that give and sell and serve with love and passion. I will spend more money, be their repeated customer, and tell the world about who they are because they make me feel so good. Isn’t that how we all want to feel?

There is this lovely coffee shop in my neighborhood that serves with love. I know that love sounds touchy feeling, but honestly, everyone who leaves there, leaves with a smile. The owners make me feel so full of joy when I am there, but I also feel like they want to be there as much as I do.

I watch them as they talk and connect to each customer (human being). They ask how they are doing and they seem to remember the details from the last encounter that make you feel so important. They always smile the biggest of smiles when customers come to the counter, even though I know they are doing it all on their own and work 7-days a week. They have budgets to follow, and financial goals that must be met in order to grow a business. They have stress, money worries, bankers who want their loan payments, long tiring days on their feet, but that is not what you feel when you are there. They understand that their customers do not need to know the back end, sometimes frustrating side of running a business. Their main purpose is to make sure you enjoy yourself and come back again and again and again – and of course tell your friends.

You can feel the love in what they do so much that I swear you can actually taste it in the coffee. You have probably heard the saying “there must be something in the water.” Well, there is something in the water that they use to cook with and make their delicious coffee with. I believe that it is love and passion for what they do and the respect they have for those who support their dreams by being a customer.

Let’s take a page from their playbook. In whatever you do when serving others, be the something in the water. Serve and share from your heart and do it with the same passion that made you start the business in the first place. Be the one that when they walk away they don’t know why they just became so happy. And, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, make sure that you serve your customers like the human beings (not numbers) that they are.

If you can do this, you will reach your financial goals, increase your client base, gain repeated clients, grow your email list and get those additional social media followers who you want to have as a part of your tribe. They won’t just be another number on your list, instead, they will be supportive, loving, kind and compassionate human beings wanting you to share your gifts with them.

Sending you oodles of love, positivity & happiness,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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