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Take one of my self-guided programs to go at your own pace, and learn practical tools to strengthen your spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and attitudinal muscles. These courses are packed full of contagiously positive magic.

UNLEASH your limiting beliefs Online Workshop

In this workshop, you will UNLEASH your limiting beliefs, UNLEASH your past, UNLEASH your fears, UNLEASH your rock bottom, and UNLEASH YOU. You will experience emotional, mental and attitudinal freedom, so you can be, do and have all that you desire.

A limiting belief is anything that keeps you from being, doing and having the life that you desire. Our brain begins to create our belief programs from as early as 4 years old. That is why we feel like our brain is often mad hatter madness. Not because we are doing anything wrong, but because we have programs stored in our subconscious mind, making our decisions for us. Mine was not feeling good enough and I allowed that to make my decisions for me for years until I hit a massive rock bottom in 1999.  

10 years ago, while I was working the work to heal my inner world, a man I worked with said, “you are so f$%king contagiously positive.” From that one comment, a couple years later, I started my coaching practice and became an entrepreneur – on a mission to help women make happiness their permanent default setting. This workshop is over 7 hours worth of the work I was doing and continue to do today, that had me, who used to be paralyzed by my limiting beliefs, be dubbed The Contagiously Positive Girl.

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How are you going to get to where you want to go, if you don’t even know why or how you are going to get there? You can be, do and have whatever you desire. And you are more likely to get what you want if you create it.

A heart-centered soulful goal is one that allows you to live a healthy, happy, vibrant, energized, fulfilling, makes you want to jump out of bed, let’s enjoy life goal!  Heart-centered means that you are aware of who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have. It means setting goals that align with your values, wants and desires, and enhances the way you want to feel.

For me to achieve a goal, it has to have fire under it. If my goals are not infused with passion and a deep desire to achieve it, it will never get done. Even if it does get done, it probably won’t feel satisfying. That is why I created Contagiously Positive Heart-Centered Goal Setting. I needed something that had heart, soul, fire and passion. 

In this 3-hour digital course I take you through exercises that will help you to tap into your heart source. 

Never underestimate the power and energy of designing and living a life based on what your heart wants, needs and desires.

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Are you are sick and tired of being confused about your health, how to sleep better, feel better, think better, do better, be happy, be healthy, cook better, lower your stress, and achieve all your goals? Are you ready to get off the diet rollercoaster? Yup, I was too and even writing that feels exhausting.

I want to put an end to the confusion. This is a step by step full guide to a healthy Mind, Body & Soul. I share with you all the ways I overcame my obsession with food, disordered eating, dieting, and negative body image.

I believe that you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body and you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind. Happier & Healthier You is a learn at your own pace, fun and so delicious for your mind & your body. My goal is to get you off the diet rollercoaster, guide you into having a healthy mind, body, heart and soul and to show you that there isn’t one diet for everyone, and that healthy living isn’t accomplished by creating one 30-day cleanse.

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A decision is just another road to follow. You can always choose a different road when you reach another decision fork.

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