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Take one of my self-guided programs to go at your own pace, and learn practical tools to strengthen your spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and attitudinal muscles. These courses are packed full of contagiously positive magic.

UNLEASH your limiting beliefs Online Workshop $80

From the ages of 4, you begin to develop beliefs. Your beliefs inform how you see and experience life in the external world, and also how you experience life internally. Meaning, how you see yourself. Overtime, you begin to act, react, think, respond, and make decisions by default. 

In this workshop, you will learn tools and practice to help you reprogram any limiting belief that is preventing you from experiencing emotional and mental freedom. You will learn how to train your brain to work for you, not against you. 

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Emotional Management Workshop $40

For many of us, our days consist of being in a stressed out energetic state. On a daily and repetitive basis, we are overwhelmed by our guilt, anxiety, stress, to-do lists, constant noise, busyness, requests, negativity, drama, and complaints from the time we wake, until our head hits the pillow, going into a restless sleep, and waking up the next day just experience it all over again. 

Stress is an inside game. One big missing piece in most of the stress management workshops is processing the emotional impact that external stressors have on us.

If you are on the stress rollercoaster of hustle, hustle, hustle, do, do, do, stress, stress, stress, more, more, more, work, work, work, a little self-care, which also feels like work, and repeat, this workshop will help you not only get off the rollercoaster, but practice how to process the emotional and mental impact of daily stressors. 

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Heart-Centered Goals Workshop $40

Heart-Centered means that you are aware of who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have. It means setting goals that align with your values, your terms of success, and your wants,, desires, needs.

This is going to be a very different goal setting workshop then you may be used to. If it was just as simple as setting a goal, we would all have what we want. Which means that something else is at play and getting in your way.

Along with a step by step goal setting process, you will learn how to practice connecting your goals and manifestations with your heart. 

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Strengthen Your Inner Guidance System Workshop $40

Each of us has an inner guide, an inner authority, a gut instinct, a nudge, those niggles you have that you feel so deeply, where you know exactly what you should do, who you want to be.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is there and it is always giving you signs. You may not always recognize or see it as a sign, but once you start to strengthen our inner guidance system, you gain so much clarity and making decisions, taking inspired action, going against the herd, and making necessary changes becomes so much easier. 

In this workshop, I’m sharing practices that will help you to strengthen your inner guidance system, especially when you have a difficult decision to make, need to make a change, or need more clarity. But what you are really going to do is connect to your authentic self so that you can turn down the noise coming at you constantly from the external world, saying “do this, do that, buy this, but that, think this way, believe in this, you should want this…” and everything inside of you is saying, “but that isn’t what I want!” 

I felt like this workshop was so important because we don’t always listen to our inner guidance system. It doesn’t always seem like the logical decision, or we just don’t trust ourselves enough because there is so much external noise telling us to do, or be something different.

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UNLEASH Your Fears Workshop $40

We have all experienced fear in our lives. Fear is a very normal response for when you are in a true dangerous situation. It is a natural defence system built into your mind and body. Your body knows exactly what to do when it is in danger. Your sympathetic nervous system ignites your fight, flight or freeze. And when the danger is over, your parasympathetic nervous system brings everything back to a calm and natural state. It is a brilliant system. 

However, we have been conditioned to fear so much, most not life or death, or even dangerous, and that fear, for many, isn’t shutting off, so it has morphed into panic. We don’t make supportive decisions from a panicked state because panic doesn’t think in rationality. Panic says, “survive at any cost.”

Unleashing Your Fears doesn’t mean bypassing them, ignoring them and pretending they don’t exist. Unleashing Your Fears is about emotional intelligence. Recognizing when your fear alarm bells have been turned on, and doing things that tell your mind and body that you are actually safe and not in any danger. This will communicate to your mind and body that you don’t need the fight, flight or freeze response, and avoid heading towards panic. 

My intention with this workshop is to help you create a mental and emotional preparedness plan to prevent your fears from becoming panic. Because I only teach and share from my own experiences, these practices are the ones I have been using and have been so helpful to strengthen my emotional intelligence and live in an ebb and flow with my emotions. Basically, claiming them so they don’t claim you. 

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