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Programming Your Brain To Work For You, Not Against You

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Scientists have discovered (and known for years) that our thoughts actually change the physical makeup of our brain. This isn’t woo-woo, it is real scientific brain science. This means that what we think consistently changes our neural pathways. These neural pathways are what controls how we think and behave. What we think consistently controls our emotions. The simplest, but not always easy way to quiet our negative mind is to talk to ourselves in ways that makes our mind work for us, not against us. 

If your mind tends to go into negative default, it is because it has been programmed to do. Which is great news because you can program it to take you to the positive as well. This takes practice and repetition, repetition, repetition. You don’t think one positive thought and all your limiting beliefs and negative programming go away. It didn’t take one thought to get you there either. It takes making a conscious effort to use language that supports you and changing the narrative – reprogramming your brain one thought, response, action, and reaction at a time.  This changes your emotions, and your emotions will change how you react, act, respond and behave. 

This could be with a daily gratitude practice, speaking to yourself in kind ways, not being on an endless daily loop of complaining, taking action on your inner guidance, not letting fear make your decisions, and most importantly, healing those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being, doing and having all that you desire. 

Remember, negative beliefs are exactly that, beliefs. They are not fact and they have no meaning unless you give meaning to them. What meaning are you giving your thoughts? 

Karma, as so many of us believe, is not our past mistakes coming back to bite us in the ass. Karma is the energy we attract by living in a constant, repetitive negative state, or positive because it goes both ways. Wherever your attention is going, that is where your energy  (emotions) is flowing and it is from that place that you are taking action from, or inaction from. My question to you is this, where do you want your energy to flow? 

If your mind can lead you into the darkness, it can also lead you into the light. Which means you can learn to control what you put out energetically into the world. You must trust in this principle if you wish to ever master your mind.

What I suggest is choosing a practice, or multiple practices that you can begin to experiment with.   

Here are two examples you can experiment with: 

1. Go on daily gratitude and appreciation rampages

When you wake up, when you are driving in your car, when you are exercising or walking, or cooking dinner, feed your brain with a love rampage. You can do it in your head, or speak it out loud, which is what I do when I’m alone. Go for as long as you can until you can’t think of anything else. What I love about this is that you can do it anywhere! Even standing in line at the grocery store. Do this multiple times a day, for a week and see how you feel. I bet you begin to feel incredibly abundant because you are programming your brain to think abundantly. And if you are thinking abundantly, you are feeling abundant. Your thoughts control your emotions. 

2. Tell a new story

Every single day we are projecting stories that we tell ourselves. They may sound like this…
I’m not good enough to…
I don’t have enough to…
I will always be…
I will only be happy when I have…
I could never…
Who am I to think I could be or do…
It’s always been this way, so it will probably always be this way
I can’t change now, I’m to old to learn something new
Who am I to think…
That’s always been too hard for me to… 

When you feel yourself go into a negative story, or a complaining rampage, stop, drop and pivot. 

I am good enough.
I have everything that I need.
I am perfect just as I am.
I can do anything I put my mind to.
I can overcome any challenge and obstacle.
I’m an endless student, always learning and growing.

Your mind is involved in everything that you do, and we behave, react and respond based on our patterns, which often come from either our past stories, or what we think might happen. So start telling the story that you want your mind to go into default mode to when you feel yourself taking up permanent residence in negative-ville. The stories we tell over and over again that keep us stuck are the ones that are not serving us. Just because you think it, just because it was that way before, doesn’t mean it has to be today’s reality. And even if it is today’s reality, it doesn’t have to remain that way.

Take all the old stories that are holding you back and write out a brand new story. If you are working on projecting a new story, take one area of your life where you are not happy with the current reality, and every day, for the entire week, spend 5 minutes writing out the new positive story you want to protect (and live). Really pause and take in how it would feel to be living it. Focus on how you want to feel. Once you create a new empowering story that makes you feel the way you want to feel, take action on it. When you feel yourself going back to your old unsupportive patterns, redirect your thoughts and your actions based on the new story. Overtime, you will have retrained your brain to project and perceive from a place of power, not fear or habit.

All love,


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