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A New Normal

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What is your new normal?

Are we meant to stay in a constant state of sameness, day in and day out? I don’t believe so. But regardless, even though we know change is inevitable and our normal changes as life changes, it can cause so much emotional and mental discomfort. 

Whenever we put all our focus and energy into wanting things to go back to the way they were, not accepting that things have changed, and we don’t work at exploring what our new normal is, a hopelessness begins to creep in. In that hopelessness is where we feel trapped, like there is no way out, no solution, no point, so why even bother. I don’t want that for you. I don’t want that for me. 

The past couple of years have shifted so much in our lives. I don’t think there is any area of our lives that has not been changed, touched or affected – whether that be positive or challenging. From our relationships, finances, health, goals, work, beliefs, even just being out in the world, we have had to embrace this new normal, or have wished so deeply to go back to the way it was.

Maybe you have thought, “things will get back to normal soon. They have to.” And as each month went by, as you navigated your way through each change and each lockdown, maybe you have questioned, “will things ever get back to normal?” 

I know these thoughts because I have thought them as well. What I’ve learned since March 2020 is that we have to create a new normal. Things are not going to ever go back to the way they were. That is not a doom and gloom statement, simply a fact. Life has changed. We have changed. You have changed. 

We can let that create a feeling of hopelessness in our lives, or we can focus on what lies ahead. What new normal do you want to create or need to accept? 

– What will your relationships be like now? 
– What have you learned about yourself that you want to continue to strengthen and explore? 
– What does your career look like now?
– What do you even want in your career moving forward? 
– What are your new goals? 
– What goals no longer serve you and it is time to let them go? 
– What new beliefs have come forth? 
– What beliefs are no longer serving you?
– What changes do you have to accept? You may not like them, but it is just the way it (or they) are now?  

Begin to explore these questions and any other questions that are in your mind right now. 

Instead of asking yourself if things will ever get back to normal, begin to shift your focus towards what you want today and baby step your way towards creating a new normal. But remember this…life is not stagnant. It is in a constant ebb and flow, always shifting, changing, growing and evolving. And so are you. What is normal today, may not be the same next week, month or year. 

So yes, the changes we sometimes have to face and experience can challenge us so deeply, some more than others, but there is still so much hope. I refuse to live in a state of hopelessness. There is no way that all that I and we have experienced is for nothing. So we practice focusing on the hope and staying in faith that even though life has its challenges, and we will experience emotional and mental discomfort, and even fear, our hope for a better tomorrow is what will keep us in forward motion – living in the ebb and flow of life.

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