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New Beginnings: Ending a Cycle To Start Something New

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We are such cyclical beings. It always feels to me like things in my life go full circle. Lately I’ve been paying attention to what needs to end in my life so that the cycle can become complete.

COVID lockdown really ignited that in me. I started to question what I no longer wanted to go back to, or continue to do when life was “normal” again. I’ve been asking myself, what needs to end in my life, personal or professional, mental or emotional to complete the cycle so I can move on to other things that support me, or light me up? 

With endings becomes a new beginning. How often do you hold on to something that you know just doesn’t serve you? Ending something doesn’t mean you have failed, it just simply means that you know yourself and acknowledge that it is time to move on. 

You can start and end at cycle at any time, but often we do so when we enter a new month.  Now that we have entered a new month, new intentions can be set, new goals can be written out, new dreams can be dreamt, and new experiences can be had. 

We can literally at any point in time end what we don’t want, and begin to work towards what we do want. Didn’t like who you were yesterday, change today. Didn’t like how things went last month, set new intentions and different actions this month. We can focus on all the things that didn’t go right this month, or all the goals we did not achieve, or, we can look ahead and plant new seeds. 

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” 

Audrey Hepburn

We are going to take this even deeper in the journal prompts below, but if you just take one thing from this share, I hope it is that you know that if the previous months brought darkness, you can begin to plant new seeds that will bring you light. If the past few months have been painful, or you have suffered in any way, know that life is cyclical and solace, peace and calm comes after that cycle. 

The one thing that never ends is that nothing lasts forever – we are always, second by second, minute by minute, day by day, evolving, learning and growing. It is something you can always rely on. 

An Intention VS a Goal
I sat with my journal on September 1st and wrote out my intentions and goals for the month. I’m keeping it simple these days, not wanting to overwhelm myself as I learn to step away from the hustle/stress until I burnout game. 

An intention is more about what you desire within and goals have a specific destination, timeline or achievement, but an intention is how you live, and how you want to be. A goal often has an external achievement where an intention is about your relationship with yourself and how things impact you. 
For example, I set an intention (inner achievement) to focus on my faith and trust that everything is always working out for me, even when it doesn’t look like it is. That means I live from a place of trust and practice being patient. 
One of my goals was a financial goal (exterior achievement) for my business and what I want to earn in September. I also set a physical goal to achieve with my personal training. 

Journal Prompts
With these questions in mind, begin to free-write. Don’t overthink it, just let the pen flow with the first thoughts that come to your mind. 

What do you feel needs to end in your life, personal or professional, mental or emotional, to complete the cycle so you can move on to other things that support you?

What are your intentions for the month? Or, what do you want to achieve internally? 

What are 1-3 goals you want to achieve for the month? 

What do you want to experience this month? What new seeds do you want to plant? For Example: Who do you want to be? What do you want to have? Where do you want to go? What do you want to manifest? Who do you want to spend time with? What do you want to learn? 

 You are the magician of your life, and it is up to you what magic you want to create.

All Love,


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