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My Daily Manifestation Ritual

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I believe in the universal law: you ask for it, you will receive it. Not with magical pixie dust, sitting on the couch and doing nothing, but by focusing on the thing that you really want, and doing things that align your energy with it in a way that you believe without a doubt that this thing will be yours.

I have been thinking about, reading about and listening to a bunch of podcasts about manifestation lately. I get a lot of questions about manifestation and have come to realize that it is confusing for so many. I myself have questioned it over and over again; feeling like sometimes it is a trap. But I believe I now understand the basics, or rather, I hope so.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”
Albert Einstein

Here is how I have been approaching the manifestation of my goals.

I have this really big goal for Contagiously Positive. I write the goal out every single day in my journal, I write affirmations to keep my belief that the goal is possible in my subconscious mind strong, and I write an action list of the things I need to do that day to get myself one step closer to that goal. I also think about who I need to be and who I would be when I achieve the goal. If I’m angry, impatient, depressed, frustrated, that isn’t energetically aligned with my goal, or with what I’m teaching.

My biggest action step is self-love – doing the work to practice staying mentally, emotionally, physically, attitudinally, and spiritually strong. Not once, but daily. And when I meditate, I visualize myself achieving the goal. I imagine that I’m already at the finish line, popping the bubbly with all the women who have completed the workshops I’m creating.

To raise my vibration, I have a morning ritual that starts off my day aligning my energy in a positive way. My process is a little woo-woo and witchy, but it works for me. I’m going to break down my morning ritual for you. If it feels good to you, try it, if not, create your own daily manifestation ritual that makes you feel good. It must feel good…that is the first and most important step.

If you follow mine, you will need a pen and notebook, a candle, some beautiful music (this is what I listen to), and an open mind. The entire process takes about 15 minutes. I suggest setting an alarm so that you don’t rush through it and really take the time to connect to your goal.



Set alarm, turn on your music and light your candle. When you are lighting your candle, imagine all the universal energy sources coming in to support and guide you towards achieving your goal.

In your journal, write down, declare, and get clear, as to what you want.

One of my goals is:“Serve 1000 amazing women with UNLEASH by November 30th, 2019.”


In your journal, below your goal, write it out as though it has happened and you are expressing gratitude for it.

“I Laurie-ann Sheldrick am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to serve and work with 1000 amazing women who took my UNLEASH course. It felt so phenomenal and brought me so much joy to be able to connect with and support so many women. Every day I can feel them stepping into their authentic selves and feel so blessed that I got to be a part of them unleashing their inner contagiously positive.”


Read the statement above and take 5 minutes to visualize it as though it has happened. See and feel yourself completing it. If your goal is to run a 10K race, see yourself crossing the finish line and feel all the feels you believe you will feel when you achieve your goal. If your goal is to pay off your debt, see and feel yourself paying it off in full, or writing the check and putting it in the mailbox. Take in every single detail in the way you want it to happen and really feel it.

This will help strengthen your belief that you can achieve it because you are giving your brain the images that you already have.


Grab your pen and notebook again and begin to write all the things you are grateful for. This reminds you that even though you don’t have everything you want (yet), you do have everything that you need.

Continue writing until your 15 minutes is up. Feel every single thing you are writing down, really take in the appreciation.

I often finish with: “Thank you universe for all these blessings.”


Before blowing out your candle, infuse your goal and yourself with love. You can say your affirmations during this time, or you can use my pray.

“Angels and guides, source energy, you’ve answered my prayers before and I trust that you will do it again. I know you know everything that I need and want in this moment, and I trust and am ready for all you are about to bring to me. Thank you.”

An affirmation I use is: “I am confident and ready to take a bold step forward towards achieving my goal.”


Blow out the candle and begin your day.

Repeat this daily until you manifest and achieve your goal. You will have to practice being patient, trusting that you are taking the necessary action steps during the day to achieve your goal, including your daily morning ritual. Patience is the hardest one for me. I want this right now, today, in this exact moment. But I cannot allow my impatience to keep me from the thing that I want, or to think that just because it hasn’t happened yet, it means it won’t come. So I practice patience, I stay committed to my goal because it isn’t just about me, it is for the 1000 women I want to work with, so I stay on the path towards achieving the goal.

I haven’t achieved my goal yet. Sometimes that frustrates me and my belief is tested, but I continue to do what I’m doing and I am making gradual progress. That is the best that I can. That is the best we can all do.

With love,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick

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