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Mini Lesson On Fear

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Sometimes the things that scare us the most are the things we need to do to find our passions. Embrace the fear and do it anyway! 

Nothing pulls us away from our goals and desires faster than our fears.

Fear of failing.

Fear of succeeding.

Fear of looking foolish.

Fear of being judged.


The problem isn’t our fear, it’s that we let fear be our decision maker.


Sometimes the things you are afraid to do lead you to exactly where you need to go. Let me explain…

I never imagined I would ever be a speaker. When I was working for a company in Saskatoon, pre-Contagiously Positive days, I was asked to facilitate a full day workshop because the facilitator got sick. I instantly felt myself sweat and thinking of every reason to get out if it. “I’ve never done this…I don’t know how…I’ll freeze up…no frigging way!” The moment I got in front of the room (terrified) I knew I found something I loved. The positive energy I felt was electric. From that day on, I tried to convince the company to let me be a facilitator and when I started my business, I knew I would include workshops and speaking engagements. Had I let fear make the decision for me, I would never have found out that it was something I loved to do. Was I good speaker that first day? Not even close! But I loved it and I was willing to possibly embarrass myself while I learned.


I’ve had positive feedback and negative feedback from my workshops. I could take the negative and give up, but I use it to make myself better. If someone says, “she spoke too fast.” I practice slowing down. If someone says, “I didn’t like the exercises.” I think about what exercises might be more engaging. When I was told that they loved the workshop, but it wasn’t what they were expecting, I make sure that the next time I do a corporate workshop, the employees have buy-in on what they are going to (and wanting to) be learning. Mastering anything takes time and growth and learning – continuously. I say continuously because I still haven’t mastered it.


Your Soul Assignment:

1. Where in your life are you allowing fear to be your decision maker?
2. What is something you can say YES to, fear included, and see for yourself if it’s something you enjoy?
3. What negative feedback can you take to make yourself better, to learn from and to grow from?


You might have a few embarrassing moments while you work towards mastering whatever it is that you want to master, but that is just a part of the process. No-one starts off great. We UNLEASH by taking one baby step at time and no matter what, it starts with the first step that usually includes fear as we step into the unknown.


Jack Canfield says it best…

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”


All love,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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