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Limiting Beliefs Are Thoughts, Not Truths

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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Jack Canfield


When I started Contagiously Positive the plan was for it to be a life coaching practice. At the beginning, I was terrified. I was leaving behind a ten-year career that I had not only gotten pretty good at, but also very comfortable with. And, I had no idea what it meant to be a life coach, or entrepreneur. But I wasn’t happy and I had a calling, a deep desire to serve, so I said F-You to the fear (still full of fear) and I decided to give it shot.


The truth is, many of us, myself included, become blocked because we think we are choosing the safer route. We may not be happy, but we know that we are unhappy so we think that it is better to stay with the devil that we know – so to speak.


Before I signed myself up for the life coach training, I started to think, “Do you know how old you will be by the time you finish? Do you really want to start over?” Thankfully, I ignored that voice and did it anyway. But that wouldn’t be the last time I heard it. Fast forward a few years after I began coaching, and again I felt a calling. This time it was to expand Contagiously Positive and include health coaching, which required going back to school, again, to become a certified Health Coach. The saboteur voice came up front and center and I started to think, “Do you know how old you will be by the time you finish? Do you really want to start over?” Thank God for my Inner Voice of love who is much wiser and I thought, “Yes…the same age I will be if I don’t do it.”


It really had nothing to do with age though. The fear wasn’t how old I was or wasn’t, it was about starting over, creating a new beginning after getting comfortable with where I was. Being at phase one of the learning stage where I had no idea what I was doing. What I was really thinking was, “What if I fail?”


“If you want something, I mean really want something, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”


Starting over, or doing something new, brings up limiting beliefs, especially where fear is involved. Sometimes they are sneaky, like making you think that safer is better. Some limiting beliefs come into our life when we least want them to, especially when we are about to embark on something new and unknown. That Saboteur voice in our head makes us think that staying where we are (in our comfort zone) is safer. But are you truly safer when you become comfortable with your limiting beliefs, fears, or feelings of unfulfilled and unhappiness? Absolutely not!


When you hear a voice say, “Don’t follow your dreams, you might fail, choose safe and secure,” that is your Saboteur voice. When you hear a voice say, “You are too old, too young, not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, or enough,” that is your Saboteur voice.


Here is the real truth, the truth that your Inner Guide (voice of love) wants you to know: You are enough. You are not too old, or too young. You are smart, wise, and have an inner strength that you have probably already seen yourself tap into when you needed it most. You can do absolutely anything if you want it bad enough. PERIOD. You have already done so many things for the first time because life is full of firsts. That is life. That is learning. That is growing and evolving. You cannot sidestep over a first time.


“You never fail until you stop trying.”

Albert Einstein


If you have been making decisions based on limiting beliefs, like thinking you are not good enough, what can you do today to turn it around and take a baby step towards your goals, desires, hopes and dreams? What have you been putting off because you are afraid? If you knew that you could succeed even with fear, would you do it? Then do it, because fear is just a thought, not a reality. In the words of Susan Jeffers, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”


If you are overwhelmed with limiting beliefs and fears, I have been right where you are. If you want more guidance, or you want to learn my own personal story, you can buy my new book on Amazon: Out Of The Darkness, Into The Light


All Love,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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