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 “Pull out the weeds before they grow. This is when they are the weakest.”


Throughout our lives we will forever be weeding and feeding through positive and negative feelings and emotions. Writing can be a process that helps you do that with ease. It makes space in your mind, your heart and your soul for new positive thoughts, feelings and emotions to come through. How can you expect that to happen when your mind is full of negativity, a bad day, sadness, or even anger towards someone? You have to put those negative emotions somewhere, otherwise, if you keep them inside and stuff them down, they will fester and grow, leaving no space for any of the goodness that you want in your life to come through. You will be so caught up Negative-Ville that you will be unable to see the light that is right in front of you.

To release negative emotions, I believe that writing can be a remarkable releasing tool. There is something magical that happens with the connection between our heart, the pen and the paper. Many will resist this practice because of the time it takes. I challenge this resistance. Where else are you going to put all that garbage flying around in your mind? Do you want to bring it to work with you? Do you want to energetically bring down your loved ones? Do you want to take them to the gym with you or on what should be a relaxing day spent with yourself? I am sure the answer must be no.

For me, there is nothing more freeing than writing in my journal. Dear diary has been my friend for years. I honestly cannot remember not having a journal, right back to the days when my journals had heart shaped locks attached to them. When I was a young girl, someone close to me read my diary. I was devastated. It was as though she had read my therapists file and learned all my secrets that were just meant for me. The worst part was that she used my own words and emotions against me. You can imagine how devastating that would be to a vulnerable young girl. I continued to write in my diary, but it became filtered, out of fear that someone would read it and use it to hurt me. It no longer had the same freeing affect anymore.

That would all change in my early thirties, during my Life Coach Training course. After telling this story to a few of the other women in my class, they admitted that they too have the same fear and filter write. We made a pact that day that we would start writing again with openness, trusting that our words would be safe. We all went out during break and bought new journals with the intention that it would be filter-free. Women from their twenties to sixties all wanting to express themselves in an honest and safe space. It was such a beautiful experience to go through with them.

Once again journaling became my little black book therapist. Daily writing has helped me stay in the light. It became the place where I could share my stories, express my feelings, good and bad, acknowledge toxic thoughts, and have a place to work through negative emotions. It is the place where I can really get to the root of why I am upset when I am feeling in a funk. Whether I am feeling sad, confused, stressed, angry, anxious, or worried, dear diary is there. Sometimes a simple entry is all that I need to flow through and release the negativity. Writing out my feelings is my way of releasing all the emotions that I sometimes may not want to say out loud because I need more time to process how I feel to make sense of it all.

Not only is your journal a place for releasing your negative emotions, it is a beautiful place for sharing your desires, dreams, goals and intentions for the day – a place to hear your Inner Guide. This daily practice can prepare you for the day with positive intentions and a clear mind. This positive place is where we should all begin our day.

This may not be the tool that you use, but you will never know unless you trust the process and let the results speak for themselves. All that is required here is a willingness to try. We are so often focused on the results, not wanting to try anything new, resisting the work to feel good, or avoiding anything that takes “too long” that we avoid even trying.

No fancy journal is required. A few scraps of paper will suffice. Morning works best for me, but some prefer the evening so they can release their day. There is no right or wrong way to write because writing is just a stream of consciousness. It takes what is rooted in your subconscious mind and brings it to the surface, to the present, so you can be aware of anything keeping you stuck in the darkness or any dreams that are blocked by having a mind full of toxicity. Forget about proper spelling, grammar, neatness, or making any sense. Just free-write and let the words flow, filter free.

All Love,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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