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Let Your Light Shine

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When was the last time you just let loose, let all of you shine and felt the freedom and joy of letting your light shine?

We don’t need a permission slip to be, do and have all that we desire, but some of us, many of us, think that we do. Consider this your permission slip. Let your light shine!

Give yourself permission to step into the person that you are, and the things that you know about yourself, but you are too afraid to put out there. Give yourself the space to step into that woman/man.

I invite you to take a pause and really take this in.

Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

What happens when we don’t allow our true selves to be seen?

It dims our light. We begin to judge ourselves, thinking that our truest self isn’t good enough. We become frustrated (this is how I feel), maybe angry, annoyed, confused, depressed, or even fearful. We wear different masks to cover up who we really are.

We all have masks that we wear sometimes to protect ourselves. Some call it the shadow self. We all have a shadow self. It is the things about ourselves that we hide under a mask because we are afraid that someone will find out. My shadow self is afraid of being called out as a fraud if I’m not contagiously positive at every moment. I have embraced my shadow self, and give her love, and by embracing it and loving it, I don’t give it power over me. I’m a whole person and part of that is owning who I am and shining a light on my shadow by saying, “I am a perfectly imperfect human being. I love me; all of me, the light and dark.” I’m not saying that it doesn’t bring up any unwanted emotions. Again, I’m human. But I have continued to practice feeling it, learning from it, healing it and moving through it.

When you are being yourself, without believing you have to wear a mask, you are simply being. There isn’t any frustration or negative emotion because you are not going against who you really are. If this is something that you struggle with, I encourage you to begin to let yourself shine. You don’t have to turn up your light all the way, just slowly begin to pull the shade so cracks of light shine through until you feel safe and ready to open it all the way.

Let’s take this even deeper with some inner work.

Taking Off The Mask: 

  •  What is the mask that you wear to avoid being judged?

We have to embrace and honour all aspects of ourselves. Even the ones we deem as negative. They are a part of what makes you, YOU. Love it all!

I will wrap this up with something I was inspired by while watching Brene Brown’s Netfix special, A Call To Courage. She said that she dangerously liked herself, even the “negative” parts. When she said she dangerously liked herself, I instantly thought, “now that’s Contagiously Positive!”

“Like yourself so much that you become dangerous.”

Brene Brown, A Call To Courage

Like yourself so much that you give yourself permission to let your light shine.

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