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How To Work With Your Doctor and/or Healer To Heal Your Mind-Body

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When I started my own Healthy Living journey, one of the tools that helped me the most was from Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, The Healing Self. I loved this book because it embodied the concept that I was working to embrace. Which is, you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind and you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body. I write about this in full, constant, repetitive detail in my book and digital program, Healthy Living. It isn’t Mind & Body – it is Mind-Body. Our minds and our bodies are fully connected so when you are not feeling well, wanting to lose weight, wanting to heal from an illness, or recover from chronic fatigue, we must embrace both.


This concept that I share in today’s video is also one of the best tools you can use when working with a doctor or healer.


I still use these 3 steps, and in fact, I had to return to them in January when I wasn’t recovering from the flu. It turned out that I didn’t just have the flu, I was also in peri-menopause, which my doctor and I were able to work together to quickly come to this diagnosis, even before any test results came in. Even though I’m only 40, this hormonal change was and is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about, but my stress, discomfort and frustration over being sick just exasperated the symptoms. First step was to boost my immunity with whole-foods. Second was to do some light exercise, I chose walking, to get my body moving again. Third step was to heal my mind because for months, I just couldn’t seem to get out of my funk.


Because I have a way to really listen to the signals my mind-body is telling me, I was able to finally return back to normal, which is healthy and happy.


If you are not feeling well and just can’t figure out what is going on, don’t go to Google. Instead, follow the tips in the video below and work together with your family doctor or naturopathic doctor to get to the bottom of it. When it comes to healing, it is essential that you become an inner detective and know your mind-body (what makes you tick) more than anyone else.



If you want to really dive into this concept even more, my Healthy Living book teaches you everything I have learned to date and it gets updated as I continue to learn more. You can listen to the Introduction from the book to learn more (see audio link below) and/or go get all the details here: The Contagiously Positive Woman’s Guide To Healthy Living.


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