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Keeping Your Sanity At The Airport

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I have to travel a lot and have picked up a few tricks for keeping myself sane and relaxed while at the airport and on the plane. If you get stressed even thinking about air travel, here are some of the things that I do to stay Contagiously Positive while travelling. These little changes have helped me relax and enjoy the flight.


1. Wear comfortable clothes. Make sure you won’t be too warm or too cold. Layers are perfect combinations.  That massive snow parka is not going to be comfortable on the plane. Not only will you be too hot, but also where will you store it? Space is very limited on a plane. Place it in your suitcase before you check your bag, or bring a lighter coat. On the other side of that, wearing shorts and a t-shirt won’t keep you warm. Wear light comfortable pants; bring a sweater, a wrap and even socks. It gets cold up there. You also want to be comfortable if you get delayed.


2. Keep your carry-on bag light by only packing the essentials that you will use while in flight. Trying to drag on two large bags, with “just in case” items, is not only stressful to you, but to those around you. There is not enough space in the overhead bins for all that stuff. Not to mention the stress it causes having to lug it around the airport and on and off the plane.


3. Expect inconveniences, long lines, loud people, and people in your personal space. Crying babies will be on the occasional flight. Trust me, it’s worse for the parents trying to calm them down. Planes are limited in space. I love my personal space, but I have learned to accept that someone might pass the barrier of my invisible bubble. Just take a deep breath. It will be over soon.


4. Have your items, such as passport and ID ready before you get to the check-in counter. This should be common sense, but I have seen people anxiously search for their ID before boarding the plane. Not only is it stressful to you, but also to everyone else waiting in line behind you. Keep the line moving.


5. Download some happy tunes onto your IPod. It is a nice way to relax while you get ready for take off, or you want some background noise that doesn’t include the passengers on the plane.


6. If you have an iPad or tablet, download a couple of movies. I’ve been caught many times without anything to watch and it can make the flight feel so long. I now prepare for every flight. This is also great if you have a delay at the airport and need some entertainment.  I just had this recently, where we had a major delay. My husband and I watched episodes of season 6 of Sons of Anarchy while we waited.


7. Buy a couple bottles of water before you board the plane, after you go through security. You will get thirsty and those tiny cups they give you just won’t do the trick. Staying hydrated is so important while you fly anyway. It helps with jet lag.


8. Pack an airplane-approved snack into your carry on bag. I always bring a couple of granola bars, or trail-mix, and when I pass through security, I will purchase some fruit. Who knows what they will serve on the plane and shorter flights might not serve anything.


Enjoy your travels and stay positive!


Sending you oodles of positivity, happiness & joy,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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