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If You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail, What Would You Do?

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If you knew you wouldn’t fail, would you do it? 

In this share, I thought we could focus on trust. Trusting in your path. Trusting in yourself. Trusting that no matter what, you are always being supported. Trusting that you don’t need to allow fear to be your decision maker. Trusting that you don’t have to have every step laid out, every road paved, or every question answered to keep taking one step after the other towards your goals

I have said this before, that tiny five letter word TRUST, isn’t always so easy. There is so much happening externally that makes us doubt ourselves. There is so much happening internally that ignites our fears and turns us away from our true north. 

How often do you not follow your heart, or follow those breadcrumbs towards a goal because you can’t see the final destination? 

I wish I had crystal ball. There are so many things that I’m creating right now and goals I’m working towards in my business and personal life that I have no idea if they are going to work out. It makes me waver and doubt creeps in, but I just keep taking one baby step at a time, knowing that if I take one step a day, eventually by the end of the year I will have taken 365 steps. 

My heart, that part of me that has desires and goals, she is the one I practice following, not my fears, because that part of me, which you have as well, is what lights up the path in front you. Not the entire path, just the steps you can take today. 

Trust takes time. You have to work it, strengthen it and continue to love into it even when fear creeps in. 

Fear will always be with you. One of the functions of your brain is to keep you safe. And it does this so perfectly, just as it was designed. But it doesn’t always know how to decipher what is actually true danger that you need to run from. That is where you come in. You have to teach it and the only way to do that is to take those baby steps even with fear tagging along. 

Let’s begin with a little exercise. On a piece of paper I want you to make a list of all the things that you really want, but don’t have yet. When you are done, circle each one that you don’t have because you have been too afraid to take action. 

Fear often doesn’t comes in a disguise. It may sound like this: 

“What if I fail?” 

“What if I’m judged?” 

“What if I’m not good enough?” 

“What if I’m not smart enough?” 

“What if my family and friends don’t support me?” 

Once you have that part complete, I want you to pick one that would be really great to start working towards today. Don’t over think it, just trust your inner guide, and pull one thing from your list. 

The only way to build up your trust muscles is to take action. You will see that even if it takes time, even if you don’t have the entire plan laid out in front you, even if you can’t see the final destination, every breadcrumb that you follow gets you one step closer and you are actually safe. You are safe. 

Your mind is going to brilliantly try to protect you with fearful thoughts. Don’t worry, this is normal. With each step these thoughts will show up less and less because you are programming your brain to work for you, not against you. Fear is only your decision maker if you allow it to be.

Every day you simply take one action step. If you want to write a book, write one page a day.  If you are thinking of changing careers, dedicate an hour of time a day in that direction. If there is something you want to learn, take one hour a day to learn it. 

Don’t focus on the time it takes. Time happens with or without you working towards your goals. Wouldn’t it be so great to look back in a year from now and see how far you have come, instead of wishing you had just started, just trusted?

Start with 30 days. Over the next month, begin to take the action steps and when questions come up (and they will), or you need more support (which you might), look for the answer, ask for and allow yourself to receive the support. If there is anything I can support you with, I have three beautiful online workshops, and I believe that Heart Centered Goals and Unleash Your Limiting Beliefs would be so supportive to build up your trust muscles.

Let’s take the conversation above to our journals. 

The limiting beliefs of fear, unworthiness, all the not good enoughness, these don’t just come out of nowhere. They are often programs, conditioning, or beliefs that have been fed over the years. 

When you do the exercise above, do some self exploration in your journal.

Are there limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from working towards your goals, or being your most authentic self? 

Did someone in your past tell you that you couldn’t do it? Meaning, are the beliefs that are guiding you even yours?

Are your fears programs developed from years of allowing fear to be your decision maker? 

Do you not trust that you will be supported because you haven’t been supported in the past, or perhaps don’t feel supported now?  

This self-reflection will show you what needs a little love and healing. When we become aware of our blocks, we can work on busting through them, or just walking right around it.

All love,


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