There is nourishment for the body (the foods we eat, and the way we move) and nourishment for our mind and soul (our relationships, career, spiritual practices, personal growth, and even work-life balance). Laurie-ann believes that what we think affects how we eat, feel, and act and what we eat affects how we feel, think, and act. Food can make you feel full and satisfied, but cannot make you feel fulfilled. If your life is undernourished, you will most likely not make healthy food choices

In Healthy Living, Laurie-ann shares her own daily lifestyle practices on how to eat, think and be the happiest and healthiest person you know. She believes that you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body and you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind.

In this beautiful designed book, Laurie-ann will share her lessons, advice, tips, tools and tricks on how to create a self-love routine, overcome limiting beliefs, create healthy habits, break the sugar habit, organize your life, plan for stress-free healthy and happy days, cook like a chef, travel and enjoy the holidays while maintaining your health, happiness.

Contagiously Positive Mind – Life should be enjoyed! Laurie-ann will help you overcome the limiting beliefs, barriers and obstacles that have been keeping you from being happy and achieving your goals and desires.

Contagiously Positive Body – Healthy should be the new normal! Laurie-ann will teach you the essential nutrients that all bodies need to survive and thrive, no matter what dietary lifestyle you choose.

Contagiously Positive Food – Healthy eating should be delicious! Laurie-ann shares her cooking tips, recipes and full meals that were made straight from her Contagiously Positive kitchen and taste tested for your enjoyment. Good health starts in the kitchen, so from her kitchen to yours, bon appetite. Recipes include: paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, Mexican, Italian, Asian and so much more.


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