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Going Within & Getting The Life You Want

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We all want to be successful at whatever we do, myself included. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a promotion at work, enhance your relationships, or have a big goal you want to achieve, there are certain things you need to do first. When I work with a client, I start with the inside. I call it laying the groundwork  for success. You have to clear out the junk to make room for the new stuff. Because I focus on the mind-connection, I believe that when you start from the inside, you are clearing the blocks, so that you can achieve what you truly desire. You all have what it takes to achieve everything you want in life. Sometimes, you have just been blocked by life events or negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. I help my clients clear those blocks so they can plunge ahead.


“Turn your dreams into actions. Turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Turn failures into successes.”


I take my clients through 8 strategic steps and we go deep into each one. It is a lot of work, but it feels fabulous to have the clarity and make positive space in our hearts and minds. Today, I want to share 2 of those steps with you, that I believe will you help you get started on your own personal journal. They help me tremendously whenever I start a new project or set a new goal, and I see the amazing transformation in my clients when they practice them as well.


Step 1

Get clear about why you want the thing that you want, or why you are making a lifestyle change. If it is a new job, why do you want the new job? If you decided to lose weight, why do you want to lose weight? Your why is so important. 


“Your why is your purpose, it is your cause, and it is your belief.”


Your why is what will push you forward while you are on your journey. It will also be the inspiration you need when things get tough and you feel like giving up.


Step 2

My amazing coach taught me this tool and a few years later, it entered my life again in Danielle Laporte’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions. You have to get serious, and dig deep and know how you want to feel every day. Maybe you already know what you want in life. You want a million bucks, you want to be thin, you want to have a nice house, you want to be married, you want to have kids. But, do you know how you want to feel every single day when you wake up? So many people that I work with have never thought about how they want to feel. So you want a new job. How do you want to feel at that job? Getting a new job won’t make any difference if the same old “I hate my job” mentality follows you. You want to lose weight? What feeling are you after? How do you want to feel after you lose the weight? Maybe you want to feel sexy, or confidant. When we do anything in life, it is usually because we are after a feeling. Happiness, fulfilment, love, self-confidence, valued, fabulous, sexy. What are you core desired feelings? This is the most important step for me. My core desired feelings are to feel happy and healthy. When I wake up, I have that in my mind. When things come up, that have the potential to take me away from my core desired feeling, I ask myself these questions:


“Does this honour those feelings?”

“Am I acting like a happy person would act?”

“Am I thinking like a happy person would think?”

“Am I eating like a healthy person would eat?”


Once you work through these 2 steps, it is going to help you stay connected to what you are truly want to achieve out of your life.


Sending you oodles of positivity, happiness & joy,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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