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From Surviving To Thriving

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What Do Envision For Your Life Now That Things Are Opening Up 

During these challenging times, many of us are in survival mode. Waiting things out as our provinces and cities start to lift restrictions in stages. This is very normal while we go through any challenges, especially a global pandemic that is affecting all areas of our lives – both personally and professionally. 

I couple of weeks ago, while writing in my journal, I thought, “Where in my life had I been in survival mode before COVID-19?” A few things that instantly came to my mind were: Trying to get it “ALL” done as though that is even possible because there is always more to do. Trying to fit everything and everyone into an already tightly packed week. Trying to be good at everything instead of focusing my attention on the few things that I’m actually great at. Or listening to what everyone else is telling me I should do professionally, instead of listening to my inner guide. And not fully being my authentic self because I didn’t want to upset anyone. 

What I have realized over the past three months is that I want to make more time for things that feed my soul and make me feel abundant. 

We are being told that this crisis is coming to an end, and we are starting to be with one another again, while also heading back to work. But I can’t unlearn all that I’ve learned about myself and what I want for my life now.

I’ve been thinking, instead of trying to fit someone in for one rushed hour, instead, really taking the time to choose a date where we can both fully connect, without clock watching, without obligation, just a desire to be with one another. I want my friendships to thrive.  Even if it means having to schedule it months down the road. Survival is fitting it in, even though it is stressful and I won’t be totally present. 

Before COVID-19, my evening schedule was pretty busy. This left me no time to enjoy something I love, and one thing is making a really delicious meal, all from scratch. That is my thriving. My survival is rushing just to eat anything because I have another thing to do, or place to be. Sometimes that will happen, but I can also make time for the things that I love. 

Other questions I felt compelled to ask are: 

Are my relationships in survival mode, or thriving mode? Are they feeding my soul? Is my career in survival mode, or thriving mode? Am I spending the majority of my time on tasks and projects that I enjoy? 

Is my relationship with myself in survival mode, or thriving mode? Am I taking the time to feed my soul? Am I saying yes when I want to say yes? Am I saying no when I want to say no? Am I doing things that I love, or just helping everyone else do what they love? 

Are my beliefs just keeping me in survival mode? Where do I need to challenge my current beliefs in order to thrive? 

If you are like me, you might not always like the answer, but that’s okay, we can change. 

Moving forward, instead of filling every time block in your calendar, what would it feel like if you took pause and ask yourself not just what needs to be done, but what you want to do today? Making sure that things you want are on your list. Balancing it out a little bit more so that you are not just surviving life, but also thriving. When is the last time you just paused and asked yourself, “What do I want?” We do so much by habit, either because we don’t take that momentary pause to check in, or because we have been conditioned to believe that we have to sacrifice our own joy for everyone else. Or we think we have to sacrifice our own joy because we have been told that suffering and sacrificing is the way towards being, doing and having all that we desire. Yuck, right?! That is terrible conditioning and one I’m ready to unlearn and reprogram. 

How many times have you found yourself saying, “I’ll make all these sacrifices now so that I can be happy later” But when is later? One week from now, a year from now, five years from now? How long are you willing to suffer on the hope that you will be happy later? 

When we take the time to examine our lives, which is what I’ve been doing a lot of over the past three months, we begin to realize that we can do what we need to do, and we can also ensure we are including what we want to do, and also who we want to be. We can shake up our beliefs, we can create meaningful relationships, we can fight for causes that matter, we can be our authentic selves – not later, but now. If the past three months have taught us anything, it is that we have been given a very loud wake-up call.

I talk about wake-up calls in my new workshop UNLEASH Your Limiting Beliefs. It is that moment when you become awakened to your life – where you were, where you are and where you want to be. And also, who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. 

I read the most beautiful this month, Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I’ve been saying to everyone, “No other book for women needs to be written.” Glennon writes, “Is the life you are living the life you would want for your child?” And if you don’t have children, the same question applies. What are we modelling to all those around us? 

If you feel like this experience has shaken you up, I recommend taking time to examine your life. Begin to imagine what life looks like outside of survival mode. 

Start With This: 

What are things you want to do that actually feed your soul? Things that make you feel like even though there are days where you are just trying to survive, there are things and people that make you feel like you are also thriving. Take a look at your to-do list and calendar. Is there any space on either of them for those things that make you feel abundant, that make you feel alive, that make you feel like you are thriving, that feed your soul? 

What about your beliefs? Are there any beliefs that you currently had that just kept you surviving, but no longer serve you? Where can you shake things up to form new beliefs that serve you and help you thrive? 

What relationships are just barely surviving? Do you want to heal these relationships so they can thrive, or have you been wanting to let them lovingly go? 

After the crisis passes, and it will, and we all get out of survival mode, what do you envision for your life? Once you have that vision, start to take little baby steps towards living it. 

Since I have started taking aligned action on the answers to my four daily questions: What do I need emotionally today? What do I need mentally today? What do I need spiritually today? What do I need physically today? I have fully embraced that how I design my life is my choice. I cannot control the external world, I cannot control what is happening globally, but I have control over my own personal world and the actions that I take. By doing that, it actually does have a ripple affect on those around me. 

Another great question that enhances the share above is to journal about what abundance means and feels to you. 

What does abundance mean to you? 

When do you feel the most abundant?

How can you align your life in a way that brings more of this abundance into your life? 

I want to end today with this…

It is okay for you to release the belief that you have to be all for everyone else and sacrifice yourself for everyone else to thrive except for you. The world doesn’t need more women to lay down their life for everyone else. The world needs women to be, do and have all that they desire so that we actually have the mental and emotional strength to make room for everyone else to thrive. The world needs more women modelling that women can be, do and have all that they desire and don’t have to sacrifice their joy, or their health to achieve it and live it. The world needs women to UNLEASH! 

All love, 


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