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Serves 4

This recipe is so incredibly easy to make and is the perfect dish for brunch, or a make ahead meal for your weekly breakfasts to take to work. Sweet potato would also make a great swap for regular potatoes. 


3 cups cubed potatoes

1 small onion, quartered

8 eggs

2 tablespoons soy milk (or milk of choice)

2 tablespoons coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil

Sea salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon smoked paprika (optional)

Freshly Chopped Spinach (optional)


In a food processor, add the potatoes and onion. Process until it has a shredded consistency. You can shred the potatoes and onion by hand, but this is much quicker.


In a medium bowl, whisk eggs. Whisk in milk, sea salt, pepper and smoked paprika. Set aside.


Heat a large, deep frying pan over medium-high heat with the coconut oil. Once the oil is melted and hot, add the shredded potato and onion. Sauté until the potatoes are tender. The onions will caramelize during this time as well.


Once the potatoes are tender, evenly spread them over the bottom of the pan. Pour in the egg mixture making sure that it covers all of the potato and onion mixture and is evenly distributed. Reduce heat to low, cover and let cook for approximately 15 minutes or until eggs are fully cooked.


Remove from pan and serve.


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