Be happy. Be healthy. Be Contagiously Positive.

100 Doses of Positivty

When it comes to inspiring a contagiously positive lifestyle, I’ve got you covered. In this 100 page booklet, I have taken 100 of my favourite doses of positivity and put them all together in a pretty little booklet for you. Every DOP is organically created by a lesson that I have learned, or something that I am going through at the time of its creation. I started creating them because there is so much negativity in the world and on social media. I wanted to put something beautiful out there and hopefully brighten someone’s day who needed a good dose of positivity just as much I do. When you are feeling down, frustrated, or stressed out, close your eyes, and scroll to any page. Let your gut instinct (your inner guide) tell you when to stop. Open your eyes and read the DOP. Hopefully, because this always happens to me, you will read exactly what you needed to hear in the moment.

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Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated, but I understand that sometimes life just takes over and we need some tips and tricks to help us stay on track. In this 26 page booklet, I have included my daily go-to tips that help me stay healthy. And, because it wouldn’t be any fun without food, I’ve included some tasty recipes for you.

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Is your life in need of a shake up?


Change is inevitable. It is the most natural and necessary process of life, but so many of us are incredibly uncomfortable with change. Or, we just feel like we are stuck in a rut and are not sure how to move forward.

In this training, I teach 7 baby steps to help you make to a decision to embrace and creating lasting change if you are on the edge of a precipice, ready to make a change.

Here are 4 reasons why change might be just what you need and why you are ready to shake things up.

1. Your life seems to be imploding in all areas of your life.

 2. You don’t feel like things are ever going to get better.

 3. You have hit your wake-up call, rock bottom, tipping point.

4. You feel a strong pull leading you in a totally different direction.

Before you begin, I ask you this, are you ready for a change? If you don’t know if you are ready yet, answer this, is your life in need of a change?

In this 40-minute guided presentation, my goal is to inspire you to recognize that change can be positive and give you some new tools for your life toolbox to help you take a different path if you are feeling stuck. It doesn’t have to be feared, avoided or even confusing. It can transform and enhance your life. If you take anything from this presentation today, I hope that it is that you feel the power that lies within you when you take control of your life and embrace that what worked yesterday, may not work today and that is okay.

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Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Contagiously Positive.

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