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I created this recording for you to help you transform your limiting beliefs. It includes words of affirmation, guided along with beautiful music to help you change your thoughts, which in turn also transforms your negative beliefs into supporting and loving beliefs. Wayne Dyer always said, when you change your thoughts, you change your life. 

When positive affirmations are repeated on a daily basis they reprogram your brain to look for, and believe in the positive, to believe in yourself. They shut down the negative nagging voices and bring you back to a state of peace. Affirmations plant seeds of love into your subconscious mind, leaving little to no space for your limiting beliefs to grow weeds where there should be flowers. 

What I truly love about positive affirmations is that they feel magical. They don’t make all your problems go away, but they provide you with a tool you can turn to, like a magical wand, that you can use to recalibrate and affirm the positive. By doing this repeatedly, you will be in a much more positive mindset to take on the days challenges. Positive affirmations get right down to the root and provide nourishment where it is needed, usually in your heart and soul. You will begin to wonder why you ever believed in your negative thoughts. 

By listening to this you are planting new seeds of positive beliefs by listening to these words of affirmations every single day. Listen to this daily. Listen to this whenever you are being pulled into the negative vortex. Listen to this whenever you begin to believe in your negative thoughts. Listen to this when you need a reminder that you are good enough, have always been good enough and will always be good enough. 

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Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated, but I understand that sometimes life just takes over and we need some tips and tricks to help us stay on track. In this 26 page booklet, I have included my daily go-to tips that help me stay healthy. And, because it wouldn’t be any fun without food, I’ve included some tasty recipes for you.

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