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Feminine vs Masculine Energy & Why We Need Both

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Are you naturally more in feminine energy or masculine energy?

Embracing your feminine doesn’t mean you discount the masculine, or vice versa. 

Sometimes I am fully in my feminine energy. Soft, quiet, calm, vulnerable, letting life go with the flow, feeling all the feels, and more intuition focused.

When I need it, I engage my masculine energy. Especially when I need to put in a little more hustle, be louder to be heard, be more assertive about an opinion, want or desire, goal oriented, plan ahead, and more logic focused. 

This isn’t male vs female. It is energy – feminine vs masculine and we need both. When we are too much in one, we become (or rather feel) imbalanced mentally, emotionally, even physically. 

I am naturally more feminine, so it takes me a little more work (and planning) to be in masculine energy. For me, when I’m too much in masculine energy, I start to feel so burnt out. While I have friends who are naturally more masculine and it takes them more work to be in their feminine energy. 

When it doesn’t come naturally, we simply have to pay attention. Your life is constantly giving you clues to help you balance your energy and give yourself the support you need when you need it. 

For example, if I don’t spend any time being goal oriented, I won’t do what is necessary to achieve my goals. I end up on the extreme where I’m like, “oh don’t worry, the universe will give me whatever I need.” 

I believe we get spiritual guidance (feminine energy), but we are still the ones who have to take action (masculine energy). 

So I spend a couple of hours every single Sunday evening or Monday morning, planning out my week and coming up with action plans for my business and goals. And the rest of the week I can be more in my feminine and let my intuition guide me, knowing that I have a plan for the rest.

When I have a deadline, I have to be more in my masculine. I can’t just go with the flow of life because I have a deadline to meet. These are the times when I tap into my masculine energy, knowing this is a temporary hustle season to get done what I promised would get done. When it is done, I can set the hustle aside and come back to my natural state.

And sometimes I will spend my mornings more in masculine energy and my afternoons in feminine energy. I truly love that we have both and can alternate between them. 

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