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Your level of happiness will be on the best things you will ever spend your time and energy on. 

Pre-Contagiously Positive days, I was only focused on setting business and life goals that would get me more: more stuff, more clothes, more house, more car, more money, more material objects – basically a lot more things, not more good feeling emotions. And I had the mindset that I would be happy when, and only when, I got all of those things. Each goal I set had a list of just MORE. Things that held no emotional attachment to me, brought me zero joy, and even things that I didn’t really want, but thought I “should” want. 

Since I began creating my annual life vision, and heart centered goals, I have come to realize that I never wanted to HAVE more, I wanted, and continue to want to FEEL more. 

Meaning, I want more fun experiences, I want more child-like excitement, and I want my heart to expand with joy. And because of this, the goals and actions that I now set and take, based on the vision I have for my life, has completely change. I put my time and energy into setting goals and filling up my cup with things that are infused with the emotional experience I want to have. Not only when I set it, but when I take action towards achieving it and once I achieve it. I don’t want to be happy when I achieve something, or get more. I want to be happy during the entire process. I also don’t want to waste energy on things that bring me zero joy, so I turn my visions into goals and my goals into aligned and inspired actions.  This is what I call creating heart-centered goals. 

A heart-centered soulful goal is one that allows you to live a healthy, happy, vibrant, energized, fulfilling, makes you want to jump out of bed, let’s enjoy life goal!  Heart-centered means that you are aware of who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have. It means setting goals that align with your values, wants and desires, and enhances the way you want to feel. 

For me to achieve a goal, it has to have fire under it. If my goals are not infused with passion and a deep desire to achieve it, it will never get done. Even if it does get done, it probably won’t feel satisfying. I need something that has heart, soul, fire and passion. To do this, I include the 3 E’s into my life. 


Expansion means that I practice setting goals that expand my life. Before I take any action, I ask myself: 

Will it allow me to learn and grow? 
Will it enhance my life? 
Will it expand my mind and heart? 

If the answer to those questions is no, why the heck do I even want it? I don’t have time to waste on lifeless goals. Neither do you.

Excitement means letting my inner child play, and making sure that I set goals that intentionally bring joy into my life. Working on projects that I enjoy, serving in a way that I feel good and excited about, not taking life too seriously, and not getting bogged down by the daily grind.

Do you ever feel like somewhere along the way you lost your excitement to life and the things around you? 

I want to allow my inner child (me) the opportunity to play. I want to feel excited, even with, especially with, the tiny little moments in life. Through that I’ve learned that bigger isn’t always better and more isn’t always what we need. Your goal doesn’t need to be big, it needs to excite you! 

Experiences mean intentionally planning things with my friends, family, travelling, doing fun things just for the fun of it, taking personal and professional classes, or joining fun networking groups.  It means filling up my memory jar.

Getting to the end of the year and saying, “I really lived!” Making time for ourselves isn’t selfish. How much joy will you get out of the year if you achieve your financial, health, or career goals, or got that house you always wanted, but lived unhappily for 365 days while doing it? 

Listen, I’m not saying that I don’t want a beautiful home, or nice clothes or a pretty car. I enjoy all of those things. I’m grateful for all of those things. But that is the key. I’m grateful for all that I have, even when I don’t have everything that I want (yet). 

Those things have the 3 E’s infused into them. I can feel the heart expanding gratitude for it. I don’t need more, or bigger, or better to make me happy, I’m already happy. Anything else is just a really nice bonus.

I used to have a bigger house than the one I’m living in now. Did the house make me happy? Nope. The physical home we lived in didn’t make me happy; it was what we did in that home. We filled it with memories by opening it up to our friends and family. We connected with people and grew relationships and had the most heart expanding experiences that filled my soul. We could have lived in that same home and been miserable had we not filled it with experiences that made us excited, that expanded our life, and our hearts. Did I love the house? Yes, it was such a beautiful home. But I didn’t need that house to make me happy. The house was just a bonus. And, even though I don’t live in that house anymore, I love this house just as much because I’m filling it up with my number #1 goal, my #1 desire, my #1 vision, which is to make sure that the home has heart. 

The next time you set a new goal, create a vision, want to buy something, or want to go somewhere, like maybe a trip, ask yourself these questions?

Will it expand my life? Allow me to learn and grow? 

Will achieving this, doing this, going there, or being with this person expand my heart? 

Does it excite me?

Will it fill my mental memory jar with more soul fulfilling experiences?

Do I really, really, really, like jump out of bed want this?

If the answer is no to all of those questions, maybe it is time to re-evaluate where you are, where you want to go and what you truly want. Maybe it is time to go deeper within as to why you want it and ask yourself, “what do I need to experience the 3 E’s?” You will be surprised that your answer isn’t usually more stuff (remember, those are just bonuses) it is more experiences and more positive emotion behind the stuff and behind the experiences that you are searching for. 

All love,


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