“Stress an emotional game. When you heal the internal emotions that the external stressor caused, your stress story changes.”

For many of us, our days consist of being in a stressed out energetic state. On a daily and repetitive basis, we are overwhelmed by our guilt, anxiety, stress, to-do lists, constant noise, busyness, requests, negativity, drama, and complaints from the time we wake, until our head hits the pillow, going into a restless sleep, and waking up the next day just experience it all over again. 

If you are on the stress rollercoaster of hustle, hustle, hustle, do, do, do, stress, stress, stress, more, more, more, work, work, work, a little self-care, which also feels like work, and repeat, this workshop will help you not only get off the rollercoaster, but practice how to process the emotional and mental impact of daily stressors. 

Stress is an inside game. One big missing piece in most of the stress management workshops is processing the emotional impact that external stressors have on us. 

The 3-hour video workshop is $40 + Includes PDF Workbook.

Topics We Cover:

1. An in-depth look at the emotional and mental impact of stress
2. Practices to help you to understand, heal and manage the emotional and mental impact of stress
3. Practices to calm your nervous system 
4. Practices to detox and calm a scattered mind 
5. Practices to help you to not only process and understand your emotions, but also how to connect with your intuition

What To Expect After You Purchase The Course
Once you check-out and your payment is finalized, you will be taken to a very important login page. Read the message before closing that page as it includes the instructions where you will enter the email address you want the workshop delivered to. 

You will receive an email immediately upon signing up with instant access to the workshop. 

Can be viewed, listened to, and downloaded on most devices (phone, tablet, and/or computer).


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