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Don’t Sacrifice Your Health

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Don’t sacrifice your health for wealth and don’t sacrifice your wealth for your health. That is the advice I would give my younger, less wiser self.  

We work so hard to be successful. We stress, we hustle, we burn ourselves out, we don’t have time for exercise or even eating proper meals, often skipping most of them. Then we make it. We finally get to the place where we want in our career, but can’t enjoy it because we are burnt out, maxed out, stressed out. Does this sound familiar? This was my old story. Once I became sick from stress, by trying to get to the “top” and trying get it “all” done, I had the wealth, but was now spending it on my health. I was hiring every healer I could to just help “fix” me.


The true fix for me was when I began to make my health a priority. I no longer sacrifice my health for anything. And I mean anything! It is too important. I, we, you, only get this one body, so we, you, must take care of it. It is essential. It should be a deal breaker.


“No, Mr. Boss, I will not work another 3 hours after just working 12. I need some time to recharge.”

“Yes, I can meet with you, but I just have to have quick lunch first so that I’m working at peak performance. Give me 20 minutes and I’ll be right there.” 


But, I know how difficult it can be to break the habit. In Happier & Healthier You, we embrace 3 principles – Nourishing your mind + Nourishing Your Body + Nourishing Your Soul. I wanted you to have tools you can put into practice today, so I made you a list of all the wonderful things you can do to give your body, mind and soul some love. Choose one, choose two, or choose them all – for your own health and happiness, just choose.


Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul With Movement: 

  • Every 60 to 90 minutes, get up, stretch and take deep breaths. Do this for about 2 minutes. Drink a few big gulps of water while you are at it. Hydration is not only energizing, it also keeps your hunger pangs at bay. Sometimes we think we are hungry, even when we just ate, when in fact we are just dehydrated and need water.

  • While talking on the phone, stand up, stretch out your neck, even do some squats if you want. Just get out of your chair. If you are unable to stand up, just move your upper body, raise your arms, and stretch out your back.

  • If you go into a building that has an elevator, take the stairs instead.

  • Wherever you park, park further away, so you can walk.

  • While making dinner, turn up your favourite song and dance around the kitchen.

  • Plan a walking date night with a friend or your partner once a week. Aim to power walk for 1-hour.

  • If you work from home, and you have a staircase, take 5 minutes to walk up and down the stairs as many times as you can in those 5-minutes.

  • Go for a walk during your lunch break with a couple co-workers.


Love Your Mind, Body & Soul With Food: 

  • If you are not doing this already, start adding a vegetable to all three of your main meals, or at least two, but really challenge yourself. If you drink a smoothie in the morning, add some greens, like spinach, or kale. For lunch and dinner, keep it simple and pair your meal with a large salad, or batch of roasted vegetables. Try to include at least 50% of vegetables to lunch and dinner. If you are a meat and potato eater, when looking at your plate, make 50% of vegetables the main event and then add the rest of your meal to the plate in smaller portions. By doing this, you will actually notice that you need to eat less because vegetables are full of fiber. Not only will you be fueling your body with essential, cell boosting nutrients, you will also be eating less fat inducing calories.

  • Make fruit your go-to option for when the snack attack hits you.  You can have a banana in the morning, before you make your regular breakfast, or eat an apple at 2:00 pm to give yourself an energy boost and prevent the afternoon crash. Two pieces of fruit a day is perfect. If you drink smoothies in the morning, you are already ahead of the game!

  • Make food that you enjoy eating and cooking, that you know is healthy. You can get some more healthy healthy eating tips + recipes with my free 26 page ebook here.


Love Your Mind, Body & Soul With Self-Care:

  •  Book a session with a life or health coach for some talk-therapy.

  • Take a relaxing bath. Fill up the tub with Epsom salts, light some candles and spend at least 30-45 minutes soaking up the peace.

  • Go to a gentle yoga class, or light some candles at home and practice gentle stretching with relaxing music.

  • Get together with your favourite friends.

  • Watch something that will make you laugh.

  • Watch something that inspires you and gives you that feel good feeling.

  • Do something that brings you absolute pleasure.

  • Sit in the sun (inside or outside) with a good book, or take a nap.

  • Wear your best, most absolute feel good outfit that you have.

  • Go to your favourite happy place.

  • Dance to your favourite music.


Self-love/care doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to make you happy.


Make Your Health a Year Round Priority

No matter why your health is taking a backseat, make your health a priority starting today. I hate feeling sick, sluggish, having belly aches, and basically just blah. One of my top core-desired feelings is to feel healthy, which in turn also makes me feel happy. “You can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body.”


With the New Year fast approaching, tis the season when people make massive changes to their lives and their health, but my advice is not to wait until January 1st, to make healthy changes. It can be so incredibly overwhelming to try and pack everything into a short span instead of spreading it out throughout the entire year. You can start today by making one small change at a time. Pick one thing and put it into action.


Take your health as an example. Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about losing weight for a trip or after-holiday binging. It is to prevent from gaining weight at all, to feel healthy, energized and vibrant, and to prevent chronic diseases.


One simple change applies to all areas of your life, not just your health. This concept is 100% transferable. For example, focus on one life area at a time. If it’s your health, put all your focus into getting healthy. What often happens is that we try to focus on everything all at once and become so overwhelmed that we give up. When I work with clients, I work on one life area at a time – focusing on the area that is the absolute most important to them. What tends to happen when things start to improve in one life area is it automatically improves other areas as well. For example, when I started to focus on my health, my career started to improve. I was so unhealthy that it started to affect my productivity. Think about how many sick days you have to take when you are constantly getting sick throughout the year. Remember, the mind-body connection is really strong. That fact cannot be denied.


Here are some things you can begin doing today to incorporate the concept of one simple change for your health.

  • Pick one thing that you know is affecting your health and work towards improving that one thing. When I started my own personal health journey, I decided that I wanted to work on my digestion issues. There were other things I wanted to heal my body from, but it was so much easier to focus on one change at a time. Once my digestion improved, I felt encourage to incorporate even more healthy changes into my life. What is that one thing that is always on the top of your mind?

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Changing a habit doesn’t happen over night. It will take time, patience, learning and personal growth. If it feels like a challenge at first, don’t worry, it will get easier as you go. Just don’t give up!

  • Get an accountability partner. Partnering up with someone is an amazing way to stay committed. You will inspire, motivate and keep each other on track. Partnering up also reduces the stress of making a change because you can share your feelings with each other. It is so much easier when you don’t feel alone. Who do you know that is either doing what you want to do, or has been talking about making the same changes?

  • Every week, incorporate one healthy habit into your routine. Challenge yourself to do one per week. This could mean, adding more vegetables to your meals, limiting your intake of sugar, learning about nutrition, giving up soda, or replacing one hour of television to prepare your meals for the next day. What is one healthy eating habit you could incorporate into your lifestyle today?

  • Commit to the change. It will become your new job. Getting healthy is your new job. Your new daily mantra can be “I am committed and willing to change and to act upon it.”


“In life, you have to be willing to change and change and change. Until you get it, until it feels right, until you can YES! This is the life I want, keep changing and keep doing the things that work for you. Never give up!”


All love,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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