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Dear Universe, We Hear You

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As I look at what used to be empty streets in my neighborhood, people are out playing basketball with their children in their driveways. Families walking together with their dogs, they are laughing and playing. I see joggers that I have never seen before. 

I walk my dog Axl and people I never spoke to before stop at the end of their driveways to say hello. We chat from a distance and ask each other how we are coping and say, “If there is anything you need, please let me know.” We smile and continue on, feeling somewhat comforted by this strangers socially distant chat. 

I woke up this morning, feeling rested for the first time in a long time, nowhere to rush off to, no hustling to be done, just a calmness and ease that I could really sit and enjoy my coffee and write in my journal, connecting with my inner guide. I’m watching the chipmunks, in what feels like an abundance of them, playing and running up high in their treed highway in my backyard. And then I felt, “Should I have more fear? Should I have more panic?” So I write in my journal, “okay universe, what should I do?” All I heard was, “Exactly what you are doing. You are finally listening.” 

So I begin to write, and this is what flows through my open, confused, and even afraid (but not panicked) heart…

Is more time not what we have been asking for, pleading for, praying for, complaining to our friends about? This is what it is like, to be at home, with your kids, or partner, or on your own, working in a quiet environment, cooking and eating at home, no commuting, and not having to stress or hustle because every moment of our calendar is full. This is what we have wondered about. What would it be like? It is what most of us, collectively, across the world ask for each and every day when we leave for work, or when the end of the week comes so quickly, too quickly, or our kids grow too fast and we didn’t have enough time. MORE TIME, WE NEED MORE TIME. Perhaps though we should have said, “dear universe, we want more time, but let me be specific…” 

What if day after day, month after month, year after year, across the world people have been praying, wishing and hoping for more time to do what their hearts wanted, and to step away from the rat race, chronic stress and constant hustle? Is this an answer to billions of pleas and prayers? This is not how we wanted it to come, of course not, but let’s not miss the underlying message and lessons here. Take all the illness away, take the fear away, take the financial stress away, this is what we have been asking for…MORE TIME. How will we use it? How will I use it? How will you use it? These are important questions. 

What if this is an opportunity for the planet to heal, even just slightly? Air pollution in China drops, with less traffic, Italy’s canals are running clear. Is the planet breathing fully for the first time in a long time? Is it possible that the planet can heal that quickly? We no longer need to guess, or debate or research if it is possible. We are seeing it. Being given real, check this out, how amazing is this proof! 

What if the planet just couldn’t take the abuse anymore, felt unloved, unsupported, uncared for, mistreated for so long that it finally needed us to hear her pleas, so we could fully be awakened? She needed the entire world, country to country, coast to coast, to hear her. Do you think a universe that can create oceans, the moon, the stars, the wind, and the sun is not capable of so much more than we give her credit for? Without us interfering, in just a few short weeks she’s healing. Does that make you wonder? 

As I looked outside this morning, there were more birds and chipmunks than I have ever seen, there are reports that animals are roaming more freely while people are isolating themselves in their homes. Are all the animals breathing a sigh of relief, “Finally, those humans are taking a break.” 

Meals are being made and shared with one another. Meaningful conversations are being had for the first time in so long. Inner work is no longer being bypassed, we can hear our inner guide because there is nowhere else to look, or go. The external noise is finally so quiet. 

I write in my journal as fear creeps in, “I’m going to be okay. In fact, I’m going to be better than okay.” YOU are going to be okay. WE are going to be okay. Because we are now seeing that it is not I, it is WE. We finally became a WE as it was always meant to be. 

Instead of events of 50,000 all crammed uncomfortably together, filled to beyond max capacity, we are sitting together in intimate, comfortable groups of 50. 

Maybe now we build gardens, plant trees and flowers, eat more fruits and vegetables, support our local communities, businesses and farmers. Maybe now we talk more, we walk more, we love more. We pay closer attention and we answer the first call of warning. Maybe now we play more, we laugh more, we make more meals together, we learn more, we make more music together and dance more. Maybe now we live more, and connect with one another and support one another as one tribe, understanding and having a deep knowingness that we truly are ALL connected and what happens to one, affects us all. We no longer need to wait to see this to believe it, it is happening – we are living it.  

Maybe now we don’t allow one neighbor to be overflowing with richness, while right next door the children are not being fed. We make friends with our neighbors, we share resources, we stop hoarding. We say, “If you need anything, I’m right next door.” 

Maybe now we don’t yell, “get off my lawn!” as though the other person isn’t a human. Maybe now we don’t say, “that is my park, my forest and I don’t want dogs in it, or children in it, or bikers in it because I, I, I want it all to myself!” Instead, we live wildly, more freely, without leashes and shackles and ridiculous rules and bylaws that disconnects us, all because a handful of people complained, because we are saying ME, ME, ME, MINE, MINE, MINE! Instead we become WE – Wild, free and as Glennon Doyle wrote, UNTAMED. 

Maybe now we build and live in houses that we can afford because we don’t give a shit what the joneses are doing anymore? Joneses who? And we build houses for those who can’t afford to so that everyone has a roof, a bed and food. 

Maybe now we stop walking by a homeless person, judging them only to make ourselves feel better for walking by. Now we understand how quickly income can be taken away. Who among you had a paycheck yesterday and none today, and were prepared? Instead, we look them in the eye with compassion and kindness and ask, “What can I do? How I can I help?” We can do this now that we are no longer judging. 

What if we stopped breaking each others hearts with hate and we stop breaking the universe’s heart, and we love so fully, even when it feels like our hearts could burst. 

It may not be business and life as usual, so we adapt, we change, we learn, we grow, we connect, we support, we remember that kindness and compassion and love wins over everything. And when this is over, and it will end, we evolve into something even better. 

We UNLEASH like we have never UNLEASHED in our entire lives because we now fully understand what truly matters. We finally get that the true essence of life isn’t surviving, it is thriving, LIVING! 

Dear universe, we hear you. 

All love,

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