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Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive With Books

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I’m always reading or listening to something. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, sometimes both at the same time, books can feed your mind and your soul. Books are our greatest teachers, especially when we take action in the tools that are provided. Take out one book that resonated with you and that you would like to practice the tools within it. What is one tool or exercise that you can put into action today? Start today! Every month I read a new book (or two) to recommend to the readers of my monthly newsletters. Here is a roundup of 10 of my favourites.

Unleash Your Inner CP With Books

  1. The Gratitude Diaries, by Janice Kaplan

  2. Firestarter Sessions, by Danielle Laporte

  3. The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield

  4. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

  5. Beautiful Money, by Leanne Jacobs

  6. The Universe Has Your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein

  7. A Return To Love, by Marianne Williamson

  8. Ask and It Is Given, by Jerry and Esther Hicks

  9. You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay

  10. The Mastery of Love, by Miguel Ruiz

Do you have a book you would recommend? Send it to me here and I will feature it in one of my 2018 newsletters.

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