Sleep is something we all need, and that we all love, but unfortunately it often takes a backseat when life gets stressful, or for us night owls who struggle with putting ourselves to bed. If you struggle with not only falling asleep, but staying asleep, this video guide is for you. In this one hour guided video, I take you through several steps on how to create a healthy sleep routine to keep you feeling happy, healthy and energize.

Over 30% of Canadians are sleep deprived and it has also been said that 60% of people feel tired all the time.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I just can’t sleep, especially when I am stressed. It is a double edge sword because stress causes us not to sleep and not sleeping causes us stress.

According to a study from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, a lack of sleep significantly reduces our emotional states and even the quality of our relationships and positive thinking. Think about it, how positive are you when you are sleep deprived? And, what about the dietary choices you make? Are they better or worse when you are sleep deprived? For most people, they are worse.

A lack of proper sleep can have a massive affect on your mind and body. Regular disruption of sleep can affect the way you eat, the way you think and can even cause danger at work and while you are driving because your mind isn’t functioning properly. In Tom Rath’s book, Eat Move Sleep, he says that even losing an hour of sleep can decrease your well-being, productivity, health, and ability to think. Even with all the negative symptoms associated with lack of sleep people continue to sacrifice sleep above all else.

When it comes to managing stress, sleep is an amazing tool to help you manage your stress levels. Think about the last time you had an amazing full night sleep? Didn’t you feel wonderful? Didn’t you feel like you could tackle anything?

What You Will Learn


The health benefits of good quality sleep.

The side effects of sleep deprivation.

How to create a healthy bedtime routine.

Tips for creating healthy bedroom habits.

4 tools on getting yourself to fall asleep faster.

And, how to wake up feeling refreshed and happy.

 What You Will Receive (for only $25!)

For only $25, once you purchase the guide, you will receive the 1-hour video and a PDF copy of the presentation for easy access.

2 Guided Evening Meditations.

Video lesson on Essential Nutrients for sleep.


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