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Connecting With YOU

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You have desires, wants, needs, goals and wishes. What are they?  

What is it that you want to do? When I created Heart-Centered Goals I talked about this in depth. I never imagined how important that question would become. 

As I scroll through social media each day, I see post after post of using this time to do more, to hustle more, don’t take your foot off the gas, and that if you are not doing that, you are wasting this time. Even though I understand what these influencers are trying to do, they want to motivate us in a time where many of us may be feeling unmotivated, it doesn’t resonate with me. I do know that this approach is very motivating for some, maybe even you, and I love that, but it won’t be my approach that I follow or teach throughout this crisis. 

You see, for me, and for many women that I speak to, I don’t want to use this time for more busy work, throwing darts at a wall and seeing what lands. I want to use this time to really get clear on what I want to do and also what feels good, and what actually works. I want this so that when life gets back to “normal”, whatever that means now, I create a normal that I feel good about and connected with. 

Many of us have the time right now to sit with ourselves and do the thing we have said thousands of times: “if I had the time, I would figure out what I want to do.” We have asked for time like this, but because it has been forced on us in such an intense and aggressive way, it is difficult sometimes to see this time as positive. I know it has been for me. Regardless of how it has been given to us, we can decide to use it to get clear on what we want. 

If you don’t feel ready for it, that is okay. If you feel ready, let’s do it together. Grab a notebook and pen and start to reflect on all these questions below. You don’t have to do this all at once. Just keep adding to it as you learn more about what you want while you learn how to swim in these uncharted waters. 

What do you want to do? Not what everyone else is saying you should do, but what YOU want to do? 

Who do you want to be? Not who everyone else says you should be, but who you were before the world started telling you who you should be, what you should want, and what you should have. 

What do you want for your career and work-life balance when you go back to work? What is that new “normal” now that you know what you know? 

What do want for your relationships now that you know what you know? 

What do you want for YOU now that you know what you know? 

What do you want for your health and wellness now that you know what you know? 

During this COVID-19 crisis, I am doing the daily inner work to really look deep and answer these questions. We may never have this opportunity to go so deeply, distraction and busyness free again. The pause button has been set for so many of us and we have nowhere to go, but either work (for those in essential services) or home. The questions above are for when we all get through this, and we will. They are to keep us optimistic that when this ends, and it will end, we get to create and live the life that we want to live.

And I also encourage you to reflect on what you want to do now, today. 

If this is your time to go big on a goal you’ve been wanting more time for, do that. 

If this is your time to sleep more, play more, cook more, do that. 

If this is your time to clean the house from top to bottom, do that. 

If this is your time to read that stack of books, do that. 

If you want to: make the bread, take the nap, clean the house, go for walks, play with your kids or pets, make all the lists, hustle if you want to, start the project, spend the day watching Netflix, go out into the garden….

Whatever it is you do, do it because you want to, not because you think should, or because you feel guilt or shame seeing people on social media doing it. CONNECT WITH YOU. The YOU that you were, or would have always been before the world started telling you who you should be, what you should want, and what you should have, and even what you should look like, act like and be like. 

When you do this, you will know what course to take, what tool to use that is being shared by influencers, teachers and coaches sharing their gifts, and just have an overall sense of what feels good to you. No more will you stand at a decision fork wondering which one to take, your Inner Guide will be so ignited that you will know. 

Inner Work

I have been asking myself these questions daily for the past couple months. They are a great addition to the inner work above. These questions are a beautiful way to connect to your inner guidance system. Whatever answer comes to you first, write that down and do that thing today.

What do I need mentally today? 

What do I need emotionally today? 

What do I need physically today? 

What do I need spiritually today? 

All love,


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