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Coaching sessions are held via Zoom, or by telephone. 

Life Coaching 

Each session is designed to provide you with the tools required to help you feel the way you want to feel, so that you be, do and have all that you desire. Together we remove the barriers that stands between you and achieving your desires by strengthening your emotional, mental, attitudinal muscles.

The cost per 90-minute session is $120 and includes detailed notes emailed after each session.

Health Coaching 

Customized health programs are available. Everyone’s relationship to food is unique, so I create customize health programs, paired with one-on-one life coaching (as described above). Together we design a health program, and meal plans that suit your body, lifestyle and personal goals, but that also help you heal dis-ordered eating. Every program embraces three principles.

  1. Mind – clearing up the toxins from your thoughts and limiting beliefs
  2. Heart & Soul – self-love, self-care, getting in full alignment with YOU.
  3. Body – Nutrition (eating whole-foods), movement and sleep, and hormonal balancing for women. 

3, 6, 9 and 12 month program are available. Contact me for a complimentary 1-hour consult call and customized quotation. 

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    You Are Not Alone

    No matter what you are experiencing right now, I want you to know something so important.

    You are good enough.

    You have always been good enough.

    You will always be good enough.

    Life is not meant to be a constant struggle, it is meant to be enjoyed. After working with Contagiously Positive, I have no doubt that you will believe this as strongly as I do.

    Laurie-ann Sheldrick


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