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Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive By Celebrating The Wins

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“Don’t let the next thing keep you from relishing in this thing.” 

In the past, I would work on project, put the finishing touches on it,  and a voice in my head said, “now what?” Without even missing a beat, I was ready to move on to the next project – the next goal. In an instant, I felt like I was being taken away from the massive thing I just completed. Some projects are a year in the making, and I’m not going to celebrate it?!


Last year I completed UNLEASH. 6 years worth of content creation and dreaming, and when I put it online, I thought, “Now what? What do I work on next?” I was talking to another coach and she said, “You have to celebrate the bigness of this. Don’t move on to the next thing, stay with this for the next month and just be with it.”


The hustle part of my brain was telling me to work, work, work. But than my intuition kicked into high gear and realized that she was right. Because I have busy mind syndrome…SQUIRREL, I never allowed myself to really take time to enjoy the completion of a goal or project. It is either on to the next, or what’s next and I moved on to another project. Never celebrating. Never enjoying.


I believe I learned this behaviour from my 10 years in project management. The moment a building was constructed and turned over to the client, we were already neck deep into the next building – new project, new clients, yesterday’s win already a distant memory. So much stress comes from this because we don’t take a moment to acknowledge that we did something pretty freaking awesome. If we just took an hour to celebrate it, it would pump us up for the next.


So to quiet my busy squirrel mind and give myself a happiness boost, I now celebrate the wins. Like this morning, I got my inbox to zero. I took a moment to feel a little giddy about it before I moved on. Its really about slowing down for a moment. Time feels like it is whipping by us so quickly because we are moving so fast all the time.


For the really big projects, I live with it, marinate in it, envision it and totally have it be an all encompassing positive feeling until I feel like I’m actually ready to move on to the next project.


No more hustling and stressing without balancing it with joy. What I know is that we will never get it all done because there will always be another goal, another project, another task, another to-do to be added to the list.

Your Challenge, If You Choose To Accept

Think about a win you can celebrate. Even one from long ago that you didn’t take time for. Big or small, they all matter. What can you do to celebrate it? If it is a team project, maybe it is lunch with the team. If it is a personal goal, like losing weight, or being more positive, or getting out the door on time this morning, maybe you can celebrate by heading over to the favourite coffee shop at lunch and having a tea, coffee and treat while sitting and relaxing for a few minutes. If you are rocking it in your relationship, or you got a new job, celebrate it by making your favourite meal, or doing something fun with your favourite peeps.


Whatever you do, just celebrate it! Don’t let the next thing keep you from relishing in this thing.


All love,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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