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Calming The Scatterbrain

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Scatterbrain is frustrating. When I’ve taken on too much I feel scattered, unclear, anxious, irritable and impatient. 

Scatterbrain happens when we have: 

Too many tasks to complete and are trying to multitask.

Too many books, or reports to read and get overwhelmed by seeing the stack. 

Too many podcasts to listen to and are reminded by our limited time.

Too many people to visit and don’t know how we can get it all in.

Too many projects to start and don’t know where to begin.

Too many projects unfinished, waiting for completion and become frustrated. 

Too many emails to reply to. 

Too many phone calls to make.

Too much information being thrown at us and don’t know what to believe, or how to decipher it.  


These, and anything else you add to the list, are tabs open in your brain. They are up front and center, just reminding you of all you have to do, without enough time to do them, or are just in information overload.  

Scatterbrain is when you say, “I just can’t seem to focus today. Nothing is going right!” Yeah, no kidding, you have 100 open tabs in your mind. 

So to help you with scatterbrain, I suggest what I have been doing. It is super simple. DO ONE THING AT A TIME AND DO IT ALL THE WAY. Close the tabs in your brain one task at a time. 

When you are exercising, just exercise. 

When you are working on a project, work on it until it is complete, or set mini timelines if it is a big project. 

When you are responding to emails, set a timer to do it for a specific time and reply to the essential ones that must be responded to today. 

When you are cooking dinner, just cook dinner. 

Hide all the other books you have stacked up and just read one at a time until it is done and grab the next. 

Whatever you do, just do that thing and don’t look at the next thing until that is done, or your set time is up. When your mind shifts to your endless to-do list, bring yourself back to this moment by simply acknowledging that right now this is the most important thing you are doing. If you need to, keep a notepad with you, or the reminders on your phone to jot it down so that you don’t have to think about it until later. This will help you stay in the moment. 

This habit will do so much for you if you are like me and don’t handle scatterbrain well. I’m not a multitasker and get incredibly frustrated.

Mentally, this will help you stay in your logical mind where you know that you are doing the best you can and cannot give everything 100% at the exact same time. This is much better than the mind that panics and is in a frenzy. We don’t make great decisions from that mental place of panic. 

Emotionally, this will help you to keep your nervous system balanced. When your nervous system is on high alert all the time, it causes stress on the body and on the mind. We cannot thrive in a state of constant stress and high alert, with alarm bells always ringing. Our bodies were not designed for that. Hence why we eventually crash. 

This is a great practice to not just keep you from feeling scattered, but also to practice being in the moment. You will begin to feel more mentally, emotionally and physically connected, knowing what the next best thing is that you can do.  Most importantly, you will feel clarity and calm. 

Journal Work 
We hear all the time about living in the moment, yet if you are like me, you still tend to find yourself future-tripping, even though you really want to live in the moment. When we resist things that we know are good for us, it is often because there is something happening internally, not externally. So let’s do a little digging. 

In your journal ask yourself: 

1. How do I feel when I’m not living in the moment? Anxious, stressed, out of control, scattered. 

2. How do I feel when I am living in the moment and I’m not worried about the next thing? Calm, in control, patient. 

3. How does my body react when I take on too much and I’m future-tripping? Digestive upsets, headaches, fatigue. 

The last question is great because you will start to see how what is going on in your mind has an affect on your body and can choose one of your practices to bring you back to the present moment where you know you are doing the best you can, that you are good enough and where you trust that everything will be okay even if it feels really hard. Your body is great a letting you know when you are taking a detour towards a path you don’t want to stay on.

Cheers to eliminating scatterbrain!

All Love,

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