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Bust Through The Negativity

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Bust Through The Negativity (Blog)

There is so much negativity around us. Throughout the day it is thrown at us in all directions. Through the television, newspaper, internet, radio, and that’s just the social media! Now factor in all the people around us who are radiating with the negativity that they have absorbed throughout the day, or all the errands we have to do, and all of our daily responsibilities that stress us out to the max. By the time we get home we are emotionally drained.


We can’t change negative people and circumstances that happen throughout the day, but we can control our own feelings and not let them take control over our lives and emotional well-being. Here are a few ways that help me keep my sanity and bust through the negativity.


Gratitude. Remind yourself of all the things you have to be grateful for. Close your eyes and think about all the wonderful people in your life. Go through the list in your mind and be thankful that they are in your life. Look around your house. Make a list of all the things you love and give thanks for so many of your blessings. Here is more on gratitude.

Daily gratitude turns feelings of lack into feelings of fulfillment and abundance. 


A New Day. Whether you had a good day, or a bad day, at the end of it, it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is a new day. A new opportunity. A time to be grateful that you get to be alive and enjoy another day. Before going to sleep, think of one thing you are looking forward to tomorrow. This is so much better than going to sleep thinking of all the ways tomorrow is going to suck. Guess what? If you think it and believe it, it will be exactly that.


Smile. Smile throughout the day, even if you think you have nothing to smile about. Smile at people you see on the street. Smile at your coworkers. Smile at your children. Smile at your spouse. Smile to yourself. Even if they don’t smile back. Actually, especially if they don’t smile back. Gabrielle Bernstein, who is an amazing motivational speaker, says “FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!” Smiling not only makes other people feel good, but makes you feel good.


Make Space. At the end of the day, in a journal or notebook, write down all your feelings. Make space in your mind, your heart and your soul for new experiences and positive thoughts to come through. That can’t happen when your mind is full of negative thoughts and feelings. You have to put those negative feelings somewhere. If you keep them inside of you, they will fester and grow, leaving no space for any of the goodness that you want to bring in.


Create You Time. Take at least 15 minutes of every day to do something just for you. I know what you are thinking…I don’t have time! You are worth it. Make the time. Make a date with yourself and keep it. Sit in stillness. Read. Write. Listen to music. Call a friend. Go for a walk. This is You Time. A time to reflect. A time to breathe. A time to set your thoughts, chores and to-do list aside. I like to sit in a quite room and meditate, but you can do anything you want. Just make sure you are in a place where you can’t and won’t be interrupted for at least 15 minutes.


Know Your Happy People. Who do you know that you can call and pick up the phone and they will make you smile, laugh and fill your heart with love? People who love life are contagious. Know who they are, surround yourself with those people and you will absorb their positive energy.


Communicate With Love. If someone continues to do something that upsets you, talk to them about it. A friend of mine said something to me a couple of years ago. She said “people don’t know what they don’t know.” Meaning, we are not mind readers. If we don’t know that we are pissing you off, we will continue to do the thing that pisses you off. Communicate your feelings with love and kindness.


Bring Positivity In. You don’t always need someone else to make you happy. Sometimes it is as simple as watching a funny movie (You Time), looking at old photo albums of your crazy wild days, searching for laughing babies on YouTube, or Googling pictures of funny animals. What makes you feel positive?


Change Your Thoughts. Negative people and circumstances are not the enemy, our negative thoughts are. Open yourself up to the awareness of your negative thoughts, so you can choose new ones. Throughout the day, ask yourself, “What Am I Thinking?” W-A-I-T. If you are having negative thoughts, try to flip it around in a positive way. I use to feel like I was a prisoner of my thoughts. I was a ‘Should” person. I should have done that, I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have said that, I should have said that. UGH! Heavy negative thought shackles were weighing me down and keeping me stuck. Since opening up to the awareness of my thoughts, I am now aware of when I’m bringing back the shackles and I work towards flipping it around. Remember, the choice is always yours.

Change your thoughts, change your life. 


Be Happy, Without Being Perfect. It is okay to have negativity feelings and bad days. We are not perfect. We like to believe that we are Superwoman or Superman, but we are only humans, and as humans, we require a little self-nuturing once in awhile. I’ve learned that knowing how to get out of my funk is more important than trying to control not getting there in the first place. There are so many outside circumstances that we have no control over. The only thing you can control is yourself. Know what works for you. Get clear on what you need and desire to be happy. If there are days when you feel like you have nothing left, keep digging inside of you. There is always another layer.

Don’t work towards being perfect. Work towards being happy.


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