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The Stressor Ended, But I’m Still Stressed, What Gives?!

On Jul 15, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
I don’t know about you, but when I am stressed, my stomach is the first to respond. It can be nausea, loss of appetite, tight belly, or simply just an upset feeling.  I talk a lot about stress vs stressors because I believe that understanding the difference can make such a positive impact on how we cope.  Stress is our mental, emotional and physical response to an external stressor.  Let me share with a recent personal experience.  My dog was sick for a few days. It came on so suddenly. It started with him struggling to lie down and get up. 24 hours lately, he could barely walk. You could tell he was in pain.  It caused me so much stress to watch him struggle.  Mentally, I was going over all the things it could be, including all of the what-ifs. A google search of his symptoms didn’t help matters.  Emotionally, I just wanted to cry every time I looked ( read full post )

Taking Off Your Protective Masks

On Jul 13, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
We all wear a metaphorical mask at some point in our lives. There are so many reasons we do this. It may be to protect yourself, or to fit it. We will explore why in the journal prompts below. Back in 2019, I realized, after it was brought to my attention, very lovingly, that I hide behind my contagiously positive mask. It wasn’t the first time I had been told this, but it was the first time I truly listened and took it in. You see, when I was dubbed contagiously positive, I was so proud. So much so that when I changed careers and started my coaching practice, I knew I would name it Contagiously Positive, instead of branding it under my name. I loved this new persona! I still do. It felt so good to be seen as happy, positive and optimistic because I hadn’t always been this way, or rather, felt that way. And I clung to ( read full post )

A New Normal

On Jul 04, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
What is your new normal? Are we meant to stay in a constant state of sameness, day in and day out? I don’t believe so. But regardless, even though we know change is inevitable and our normal changes as life changes, it can cause so much emotional and mental discomfort.  Whenever we put all our focus and energy into wanting things to go back to the way they were, not accepting that things have changed, and we don’t work at exploring what our new normal is, a hopelessness begins to creep in. In that hopelessness is where we feel trapped, like there is no way out, no solution, no point, so why even bother. I don’t want that for you. I don’t want that for me.  The past couple of years have shifted so much in our lives. I don’t think there is any area of our lives that has not been changed, touched or affected – whether that be ( read full post )

You Are Not Failing

On Jun 20, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
“Did I fail?” I found myself standing in my kitchen this morning, asking myself this question. The past two years have had a significant impact on my business financials. When you set your yearly revenue goals, you never expect disaster to strike. But of course life happens, we just hope it doesn’t happen to us. So over the past couple years I have found myself asking, “Should I be doing more?” “Should I have done more to prepare?” Or, “What the f&*k should I do?” Like I always do, I took my thoughts about failure to my morning journal practice. This is what I have realized. It is normal for thoughts to turn to failure when struck with an unexpected turn of events. It is normal for thoughts to turn to failure when you think you are not doing enough, or not doing the “right” things. When I look at what I have accomplished over the past 2 years, I ( read full post )

Therapeutic Journaling – Self-Talk

On Jun 08, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
Today we are going to explore therapeutic journaling, or what I like to call, self-talk. It is a practice where we dive deep into an experience we are in and how it is affecting us emotionally, mentally, even physically.  Note: This practice is not a replacement for therapy.  Therapeutic journaling to me has always been a form of self-talk. We are already talking to ourselves all the time, but in this practice, along with processing an emotional experience, we are simply being intentional about it, without any of the garbage talk we often find ourselves in.  Instead of saying, “I’m not good enough” all day, journaling can help you to get into the practice of asking yourself, “why am I not feeling good enough today?” It is a safe space for you  to explore your feelings and the reasoning behind them.  When I was a little girl, my parents bought me my first diary. It was so pretty. It was ( read full post )

How To Recognize When Your Childhood Upbringing Is What is Impacting Your Adult Behaviour

On May 30, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
My husband and I had friends over one weekend, and we got into a discussion about how the way we grew up impacted who we are and how we act in certain situations today.  Both men were raised in families where they got to be kids, weren’t exposed to grown up challenges, and just knew they would always be taken care of. They always felt safe.  The adults they both are today reflects their upbringing. On one side, they are super laid back, and they don’t expect the worst. Really chill people to be around and they always make you feel good. They are confident, they still feel safe today, and are very trusting.  On the flip side of that, they have a difficult time understanding why other people are not the same, so their expectations can sometimes be too much to meet because they were always cared for. They always felt safe so they struggle to understand people who ( read full post )

Monthly Self-Reflection Journaling

On May 02, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
On the first of every month, I get out my journal and reflecting on the month that just passed and the month ahead. There is so much that we can’t control in our lives, so I like to be in the drivers seat in the areas that I can control. So I do this monthly check-in. All you need is a journal, a quiet place to reflect on the questions above, and to be completely honest with yourself. You can even add your own questions. For example: What am I grateful for or appreciate right now?What do I value most right now?Am I living up to these values?Am I living by my terms of success?Do I still feel connected to these goals that I set for myself?Am I making decisions that support my mental and emotional and physical health? Just play around with what works for you. The most important part is what happens after you journal. We have to ( read full post )

The Universe Isn’t Punishing You For Having “Negative” Thoughts or Emotions

On Apr 28, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
I have been doing a deep dive into the manifestation coaching industry for the Sisterhood podcast (listen to episode 53 for the full episode), and some of the harmful things that are taught. If you are feeling like no matter what manifestation practice you try, what you desire never comes, or you feel unworthy, you are not alone. This isn’t a conversation about spirituality. I am very spiritual. I love most things in the woo-woo realm. But not when someone turns it around and the teachings cause harm. So again, this isn’t about spirituality, this is about the industry – man made. And that is different.  Below I am breaking down two statements often made in the manifestation coaching industry that, when not given any context, can make you feel like you can never master. And there is a reason for that. We are thinking/feeling human beings. Some will be positive and some will be negative. We will always, until death do us part, live with this ( read full post )

Feminine vs Masculine Energy & Why We Need Both

On Apr 28, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
Are you naturally more in feminine energy or masculine energy? Embracing your feminine doesn’t mean you discount the masculine, or vice versa.  Sometimes I am fully in my feminine energy. Soft, quiet, calm, vulnerable, letting life go with the flow, feeling all the feels, and more intuition focused. When I need it, I engage my masculine energy. Especially when I need to put in a little more hustle, be louder to be heard, be more assertive about an opinion, want or desire, goal oriented, plan ahead, and more logic focused.  This isn’t male vs female. It is energy – feminine vs masculine and we need both. When we are too much in one, we become (or rather feel) imbalanced mentally, emotionally, even physically.  I am naturally more feminine, so it takes me a little more work (and planning) to be in masculine energy. For me, when I’m too much in masculine energy, I start to feel so burnt out. While ( read full post )

Is It Time To Let Go Or Are You Making Decisions From Fear?

On Mar 30, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
How do you know when it is actually time to let something go, or when fear is being your decision maker? Not always an easy question to answer. For me, it feels differently.  I know it is fear when I find myself saying:  Wouldn’t it be easier if I just gave up? This is so hard. Why does it have to be so hard? I must be doing something wrong. What am I doing wrong? It is taking so long. Should I trust the timing, or this a sign that I should give up? I think I might be failing. What will people think if I fail?  Or when fear is up front and centre and I’m saying: I’m afraid I am running out of time. I’m afraid I am going to fail.I’m afraid I am going to feel this way forever.I’m afraid I will never find the answers that I need. I’m afraid I will make the wrong choice.I’m afraid I won’t be able to commit.I’m afraid I will actually succeed and ( read full post )

I’ve Been Feeling Overwhelmed

On Mar 03, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
I’VE BEEN FEELING OVERWHELMED. I mean, who isn’t?  2 years living and experiencing a pandemic. 2 years in and out of lockdowns, mostly lockdowns. 2 years not being able to facilitate in person workshops – my main revenue earner.  2 years with my nervous system being on high alert, doing what it does best, which is to protect me, but it doesn’t always know when I don’t need the alarm bells ringing. 2 years watching people rip each other apart online with hate and vile rage because they don’t agree with each other. My heart aching with each post I read. Knowing I should stop reading it, but it’s like driving by a car crash where you just can’t look away!  All of that and LIFE and all that comes with it still has to go on.  Work still needs to get done. Bills still need to be paid. Dinner still needs to be cooked.The house (and those in it) still need to be cared ( read full post )

Why Do We Turn Away From Love When We Need It The Most?

On Feb 09, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
Back in early December, I was reflecting in my journal about how I had been obsessing over something that I wanted, and in my frustration of not having it I found myself turning away from the most powerful thing I have – LOVE.  The day before, I was sitting in the car with my husband and I felt like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode. I was frustrated that this thing I wanted so badly seemed to be taking forever to come. That frustration was turning into anger because I was doing ALL the things and it still felt so far away.  I felt like I was failing. I felt like a failure.  And in that feeling, I didn’t want to let anything else in because I didn’t believe that anything else was possible in that moment.  As I sat there, I wanted to take it all out on him. Poor guy, just sitting there singing Christmas music and I ( read full post )

The Practice of Being a Good Listener

On Feb 03, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
Being a good listener isn’t always easy. While someone is talking, we are often thinking of what we want to say next, get distracted by a squirrel off in the distance of our mind, or our defences go up and we just don’t want to hear any more of what they have to say.  As I write this, we are one month away from being 2 years into this global pandemic, and listening, I mean really listening, to the core of what someone is saying (and feeling, and experiencing), has been a struggle. Not just for me, but for many of us.  I would say many of us have our defences up, so we don’t want to hear what someone else has to say because we have already made up our mind about where we stand. Even though I know the importance of having meaningful conversations, especially the difficult ones, this is where I often fall.  If you have felt like ( read full post )

A Practice For When Your Thoughts Turns To Worry

On Jan 25, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
A practice for your when your thoughts turn to worry is something I think most of us can use.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I catch myself in a spiral of future-tripping, which is usually triggered by worry. One worried thought creates another worried thought on top of another…and now I’m down the rabbit hole.  Like many of us, I have had to learn many tools to help me when I’m in this spiral, and one thing that has been supportive lately is to be unattached from the future outcome of what I’m worrying about.   I have needed this reminder so much lately, as I find my thoughts turning towards worry more often than I would like. So this practice is just as much for me as it is for you.  It isn’t enough to just tell myself not to worry and not to get attached. I wish it were that easy. But the practice I do ( read full post )

Releasing The Pressure You Put On Yourself

On Jan 18, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
As I write this, it is Sunday, January 16th and I haven’t set any goals for 2022 yet. I have days where I know that this is totally okay, and I have days, like today, where I feel as though I’m not doing enough. Today especially, I was lying in bed watching Jerry McGuire, thinking, “could you be any lazier?” Even though it is Sunday and I simply want to relax.  Logically, I know that it is absolutely okay to spend time in rest and doing things just for the fun of it. But when we put so much pressure on ourselves, our logical mind isn’t always the one who is doing the thinking.  I share that to let you know that you are not alone. This share is just as much for me as it is for you.  I have an old pattern that I have been working on breaking. The old pattern was to rush and hustle and ( read full post )

Making Decisions That May Hurt or Disappoint Someone You Care About

On Jan 04, 2022 By: Laurie-ann
Making decisions that hurt of disappoint someone you care about is never easy. As I write this, we have just started a new year. Often, when we enter into a new year, we have new goals, new desires, wants, and resolutions. Within any of those, it requires us to make decisions. Sometimes, oftentimes, most of the time, those decisions will be different than what they were in the past. They may be difficult. And sometimes, they challenge the status quo, not just in your own life, but in someone else’s.  It can be very difficult to make a decision for yourself that hurts someone else, or causes them emotional discomfort. If you are deeply a people pleaser, you will sacrifice your own happiness to not hurt someone else, which creates resentment and you end up hurting them anyway.  If you are, or have been struggling to make a decision because it might hurt someone else, this share is for you. ( read full post )

What Would Your Highest Self Do?

On Nov 22, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
When I started the practices that I share here, and in my online workshops, I only knew one thing, that I wanted to feel good.  I didn’t care care how, I didn’t even know how, or where to begin, I simply knew that feeling good was all I wanted.  Back in those days, I call it pre-contagiously positive days, I tried ALL the things. Oh the stories I have! Conventional practices like therapy and coaching and unconventional practices like soul contract releases (in strange basements), reiki, multiple physic mediums, and all the things in between. I have even been to a Russian healer who barely spoke english and there was fire and an egg involved. That is a story I will absolutely share with you one day. It was wild!  With every practice I tried, and every healer I visited, even the ones I knew I just wasted my money on, something started to shift inside of me. I began ( read full post )

No Strings Attached Giving

On Nov 08, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
Do you ever find yourself saying saying this? “I’m always giving, but never receiving. What gives?”“I do everything and get nothing back.”“I am always the giver, but never the receiver.”“Why do I even bother if I never get thanked or he/she doesn’t give in return?” “I buy gifts for him/her, but he/she never buys them for me.” “I do his/her laundry and he/she never does mine.” “If I do this, maybe they will get the hint and do it for me.”  I have learned that there is a major difference in energy in giving from a place of not wanting anything in return, where you just naturally want to do/say something nice, versus because you want something in return. How can a relationship thrive when there are such hard line expectations? Expectations can lead to so much disappointment, especially when we think that it should always be 50/50 or tick for tack.  There are things that my husband does for me because he knows ( read full post )

When You Are Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

On Oct 07, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
Lately I have been experiencing a feeling like things are too good to be true and waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It sort of feels like fear…like what if this all gets taken away? Oh, those tricky what if future-tripping thoughts.  It has made me think of how deeply rooted our fears go.  We have fears when things are not going well in our lives. Fearing that it will never get better. And we have fears when things are going well in our lives, fearing that it won’t last.  Thankfully, the work I’ve been doing over the past 20 years has prepared me for this emotional discomfort. I sat with these feelings and asked myself “how can I make sure that these fears don’t turn into panic? How can I prevent myself from self sabotaging when things are going really well and just fully embrace this joyful time?”  I mustn’t feel alone in this. I’m sure there are ( read full post )

You Are Not Lost, You Are In A Phase of Exploration

On Sep 27, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
“NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST.”  J.R.R. Tolkien When I first started to explore this idea about being in an exploration phase, I shared it with my contagiously positive community. I started writing and allowed my thoughts,  current experience, and inspiration to guide me.  I love sharing from this place because there is so much magic when we share from our heart. Whatever you are experiencing right now, if you are in a phase of exploration where you feel lost, or have more questions than answers, I hope this supports you.   Like many us, the past 2 years, while living in a global pandemic, I’ve been thinking so much about my life and business and what I truly want for both. I’ve been exploring my terms of success, what I value, what I desire, my goals, who I am, who I want to be, my beliefs, and I have to say, they have changed so much since the ( read full post )

Staying Committed When In Resistance & Fear

On Jul 20, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
“I know what I need to do, but it feels so hard today.” It is so normal to feel this way. Especially when we are in resistance or fear and feel like giving up. Taking action, especially inspired action, doesn’t always feel easy. Sometimes it flows and we have so much motivation. And sometimes we hit the wall of resistance. We know what we could be doing to take care of our mental, emotional, physical, attitudinal and spiritual wellbeing. We understand that we need to take time to fill our own cup. Most of the time, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. So why is it so difficult to take consistent inspired action? Why does it feel so hard sometimes? Simply, it because we are human beings with very human emotions. These emotions are vast, constantly moving and so very normal. When we stop trying to not feel our feelings, we gain so much more freedom.  One being FEAR. We’ve talked about ( read full post )

The Judgements We Receive & The Judgements We Give

On Jul 06, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
There is someone out there who will think you are just too much, or not enough. There will also be times when you are loudly judged, quietly judged, or perhaps you are thinking that you are being judged. We cannot forget about the judgements we give either. Over the past 15 months, I’ve been exploring the topic of judgement. Why we judge, how we judge, and the human nature behind it. Once you begin to explore it, you can see how divided we are. I would like to play a part in filling that divide. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what you don’t do, what you say, what you don’t say, someone will think you are wrong. One person is too much of one thing, and another person is too much of the opposite thing. No wonder we find it so difficult to be ourselves. She’s too assertive. She’s too passive.She’s so self-judging. She’s so conceded.She talks too ( read full post )

Managing a Stressful Work Environment

On Jun 28, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
Managing a stress work environment can feel impossible when you are right in it, but there are so many things you can do. It feels like another lifetime, another person even, since I worked in the construction industry. It is hard to believe that I spent 10 years working in project coordination/management. Construction can feel like a constant reactionary industry. It is a masculine, fast paced, intense, sometimes conflictual, high energy, high stress, and also exciting and rewarding industry.  I have so much respect for everyone involved. From the architects, engineers, project managers, coordinators, supervisors..the teams are often massive and include different personality, skills, strengths and brilliant minds. But I was, and still am, in total awe of the trades. Watching a high rise building go up, with what looks like effortless skills from the trades is truly amazing. One thing can’t be done until another ends. The trades work in tight spaces, under tight timelines, building something from paper ( read full post )

The Messy/Magical Middle

On Jun 01, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
The messy/magical middle… This is an uncomfortable phase we enter when we commit to learning something new, take on a passion project, or work towards a goal or mission.  It might begin with you not even knowing what you don’t know and then you do know what you don’t know, which can bring up even more frustration because you want it ALL to happen right now. There is this space between where you are and where you want to be, and sometimes that space feels like a gap as big as trying to figure out how to cross the Grand Canyon.  This is a very normal space to be in, and there is a lot of magic that happens here, and it is also where a lot of impatience, frustration, and discomfort comes in. That is why it is a messy and magical middle. It is both.  I’m in a messy/magical middle right now. I’m having meaningful conversations over at the Sisterhood Podcast ( read full post )

An Invitation For Joy

On May 18, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
JOY… Is that an emotion you have felt often over the past week, month, or year?  JOY… Have you experienced this wonderful emotion over the past week, month, or year, but have felt guilty about it because of the struggles or challenges others have been experiencing?  A couple weeks ago, my mental health wavered and even though I turned to all my tools, which I believed helped, I still couldn’t seem to bring myself fully out of the sadness I was feeling. But I didn’t force my way through it, or try not to feel it, I just allowed it in and explored it. I know this isn’t always easy to do, but up and out feels way better than it taking up permanent residence in my mental, emotional and physical body.  Turns out, I wasn’t alone. There seemed to be an emotional current running through so many of us. I said to my girlfriend, I believe that it is ( read full post )

Communicating Your Needs

On May 04, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
People don’t know what they don’t know, which makes communicating your needs so important.  Whatever it is that you are not saying out loud, doesn’t go away just because you are not voicing it. It festers and grows and gains momentum. All of a sudden you are having an argument that doesn’t even have anything to do with the original thing that was bothering you. You end up saying ALL THE THINGS! Now the defences are really up and you are probably left feeling unsupported, unseen, unheard and resentful. Communication our needs is key between my husband and I. We don’t always do it perfectly, and sometimes we catch ourselves being defensive, both wanting to be right, but we have a deal that even if one of us is going to be angry, we will always talk openly about how we are feeling and what we need.  One day, my husband was walking through the house, huffing and puffing, obviously ( read full post )

Who Is In Charge Of Your Decisions?

On Apr 27, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
Who is in charge of your decisions? Is it your limiting beliefs, or your supporting beliefs? Let’s find out together. Neurologist, Dr. David Eagleman, explains that 95% of our brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness. He, among numerous other cognitive neuroscientists have conducted studies that have revealed that only 5% of our decisions, emotions, actions, behaviour is conscious, whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner.  For example, logically, in our conscious awareness, we know that our limiting beliefs are not true and that we are safe to be, do and have what we desire. However, if 95% of our mind has been programmed to believe that nothing else could be true except that belief, no wonder it feels impossible to be, do and have what we desire.  Limiting beliefs show up everywhere. Not because we are weak, but because our mind goes everywhere we go. A belief is formed from our repetitive thoughts, combined with our ( read full post )

If You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail, What Would You Do?

On Mar 16, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
If you knew you wouldn’t fail, would you do it?  In this share, I thought we could focus on trust. Trusting in your path. Trusting in yourself. Trusting that no matter what, you are always being supported. Trusting that you don’t need to allow fear to be your decision maker. Trusting that you don’t have to have every step laid out, every road paved, or every question answered to keep taking one step after the other towards your goals.  I have said this before, that tiny five letter word TRUST, isn’t always so easy. There is so much happening externally that makes us doubt ourselves. There is so much happening internally that ignites our fears and turns us away from our true north.  How often do you not follow your heart, or follow those breadcrumbs towards a goal because you can’t see the final destination?  I wish I had crystal ball. There are so many things that I’m creating right ( read full post )

Strengthening Your Friendships & Creating Real Sisterhood

On Feb 23, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
Relationships are everything. The relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with others either creates magnetism in your life, or drains you of it – empowers or disempowers you. I was reading one of my oracle cards the other day that said, “Even Jesus picked 12 associates to help him accomplish his mission.” We can’t achieve our goals alone. My hope with this weeks share is that it will open you up to creating meaningful relationships, but also accepting, asking for and receiving support, and give up any belief that you have to go about this life alone. Last year my intention was to surround myself with people who made me feel good. My best friend Jolene said, “I’m going to surround myself with people who make me feel like sunshine.” This year she said, “I’m going to be the sunshine.”  That is what this weeks share is about – redirecting your energy on those relationships who ( read full post )

Listening To Your Inner Guide & Strengthening Your Trust Muscles

On Feb 02, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
It isn’t easy to go against other people when you are trying to do what is best for you, especially when there are opposing views. Which is why it is so important to strengthen your trust muscles. This share is about trusting yourself. Trusting your intuition. Trusting your deep knowingness. Trusting that pit in your stomach that tells you exactly what is correct for you. Trusting that no ones knows what is best for YOU more than YOU.  We all have that inside of us. I call her our Inner Guide. Your Inner Guide is your true authentic self.  Imagine that you have this part of you that knows the real truth and everything else is just conditioning, or outside noise. Imagine that this part of you is full of light, love, hope, positivity, peace, joy, trust, optimism, and happiness. It feels gratitude, faith, unity, compassion, acceptance of yourself and others, patience, kindness, and understanding. It is your heart, guiding you to ( read full post )

How Reflecting On A Year Gone By Can Help You Set & Achieve Your Goals

On Jan 26, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
If you haven’t set your goals yet, or you have, but you have been struggling to really connect with you them, this exercise will help you to gain clarity. I sat down with my journal on January 1st and started to reflect on 2020. Guiding myself with questions always helps me to take it deeper and gain more clarity. After the rollercoaster year that we all experienced, I wanted to ease my way into the new year and explore what I was going to take with me into the new year and what I was going to leave behind as I started anew.  The challenges we faced in 2020 are behind us, but there are some that we are still working on overcoming, so I believe that we really need to give ourselves so much grace. So if you haven’t set your goals yet, don’t be so hard on yourself.  As 2021 inched closer, I began to to see the ( read full post )

Stress & Your Hormones: Practices To Increase Your Happy Hormones 

On Jan 06, 2021 By: Laurie-ann
Your hormones affect the way you feel emotionally and mentally. They are neurotransmitters that play a significant role on how you function, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. We know this as women….HELLO PMS! What I want to talk about today is stress, but not external stress, because we cannot control external circumstances, but what will keep your stress from becoming chronic, which is taking care of your inner world.  Over the past year I’ve talked a lot about the emotional and mental impact of stress, and ways you can strengthen your emotional and mental muscles. In this share I want to shift gears a little and give you some practices to take care of your inner world, but from a hormonal level. Stress interferes with your hormones that are there to help you feel balanced, energized, happy, fulfilled and “normal.”  Before we balance our hormones, let’s see what our nervous system does to prepare us for external stressors.  ( read full post )

4 Ways To Incorporate a Gratitude Practice

On Dec 22, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
What are you grateful for? Does having a gratitude practice actually help? Most coaches, influencers and spiritual teachers will have you ask yourself this question. They will tell you to wake up and go to bed each and every day and express three things you are grateful for.  But why?  In a Harvard study, they showed the impact that gratitude had on not just our overall wellbeing, but on our brains ability to solve problems. The research showed that the positive emotions that are ignited when we think of what we are grateful has a positive impact on our body, our emotional state (even if we are experiencing challenges), and most importantly, our brain.  When your brain has formed neural pathways that develop from having a daily practice of gratitude, you become more open to more positive possibilities, and those positive, or optimistic emotions affect your ability to learn and make decisions with more ease.  The research shows that having a ( read full post )

3 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive

On Dec 08, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I love telling the story of how the name of my company was created. You’ve probably heard it so many times. It is really important to me because it isn’t just the name of my company. It is a reminder, especially when things are challenging, like most of 2020, that I can do hard things.  If you are new to our community, here is the short version of the story. Pre-contagiously positive days, I worked in the construction industry. One day on site, during the time I was right in the middle of practicing shifting my mindset, we had another five-alarm problem happen. The subcontractor who came to inform me was livid. As I sat there listening to him rip into me, I thought, “I cannot control the way he is feeling, or his reaction, but I’m not going to go down this rabbit hole with him. Instead, I’m going to shift into a solution-based mindset, and react and respond from that place, not from anger.”  So I ( read full post )

Strengthen Your Manifestation Trust Muscles

On Dec 01, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Manifestation can feel like a tricky thing sometimes. Especially with so much new-age rhetoric, and superstitions that make it even more confusing, or make us doubt in our own ability and gifts. This share is something that came to me a couple of weeks go, and I shared it in my weekly coaching email. It received some positive feedback, so I felt guided to share it here at the blog as well. It was difficult to put this one into words, and I hope it makes senses, but I believe it will offer up some impactful insight to help you begin to explore your beliefs further.  Here goes… I was out for a walk one day and decided to do a guided walking meditation. One of the questions asked in the meditation was, “what is one area of your life that you are being tested in right now, and what is the test trying to show you?” I was instantly able ( read full post )

Redefining Success

On Nov 17, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I used to believe that success was external. I know that I’m not alone in this belief because I see it every single day in the way people work towards external success, but feel unhappy, unfulfilled and heading towards burnout.  Having the right body  Having the right job title  Having a certain amount of money Getting more things  Needing external validation  Having a certain amount of followers on social media  I see so many people, and I myself was one of them, appear to have all the external boxes of success checked, but are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted.  2020 has really opened up my eyes and heart to fully embracing a redefining of success. So many of us were brought to our knees by the global pandemic and as we began to rise up, we realized we have been racing in a race we didn’t even want to be in. We were looking at success through the lens ( read full post )

Using Your Authentic Aspects Of Self To Make Choices

On Nov 09, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Every single day we are faced with choices. Sometimes we know exactly what to do, and other times we just aren’t sure.  Should I leave that job or stay? Should I stay in this relationship and recommit, or is it time to go our separate ways? Should I say yes to that event, or respectfully decline because I’m not feeling it?  Lately, it feels like many choices are being made for us, which doesn’t feel empowering, but life seems to be an endless stream choices and wondering which one is right.  One way I make choices for myself is knowing what my authentic self desires and following my heart when I am in front of a decision fork.  The key to knowing what the right choice is can be a simple as asking yourself, “what feels like the right choice for me right now?” Not what other people want, expect or demand, but what you want.  Something that my authentic self craves ( read full post )

Looking At Stress Through A Different Lens

On Nov 03, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I want to preface today’s blog by saying that this is for micro (acute) stress, not chronic stress. This share is about recognizing the difference between stress and stressors and how to prevent micro stressors from ruining your day. I don’t want to overlook the fact that so many people are dealing with chronic stress that this would not apply to. If this is you, I encourage you to reach out to someone for support, especially if you are feeling hopeless. I’m sending you so much love if this is how you are feeling. Last week, hot coffee in hand, I walked to my computer ready to write my weekly Monday coaching email. I received a phone call from my husband, and he asked me if I could handle something for the new house build. Well, after a couple of phone calls, and my stress levels rising, I had to take action right away and drive 2 hours to get ( read full post )

Experiencing Joy Even In Challenging Times

On Oct 27, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Back in early spring, I wrote a piece about the stages of grief. I talked about how so many of us are grieving the life we thought we would live in 2020. We are way past the denial stage, which is stage 1, because there is just no denying that 2020 is not what we expected. With the year coming to an end, many of the conversations I’ve been having with my friends and family have been about feeling a sort of despair over what has happened, is happening and the questions around what is to come. Despair can be described in so many ways. It can of course come from the loss of a loved one, but it can also come from a bad day, or a really challenging year like we have been experiencing. Despair is a stage of grieving what could have been, or what has been lost. You might be at this stage realizing all that has ( read full post )

How To Win The Battle Between Your Inner Guide + Saboteur

On Oct 20, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I watched this really great video the other day with Dr. Bruce Lipton. He was talking about how we have two minds. This is something I discuss in depth in UNLEASH Your Limiting Beliefs because it is so important that we know which is running the show.  We have our conscious mind and subconscious mind.  Simply put, the conscious mind is the mind that is very aware of what’s going on. It processes where you are, your surroundings, the work you are currently doing, the tasks, and all the thoughts that are right here now. Including read this share.   Then you have your subconscious mind. This is the part of your brain that allows you to do things without really thinking, which is what makes us do things habitually. Like driving home and realizing you were in a daze the entire time, but you made it safely. This is the habitual brain. We do and think things out of habit. ( read full post )

Changing Your Experience of The Experience

On Oct 13, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I’ve been sharing a lot lately about the emotional scale because I want to normalize how we feel. My mantra has been, “You feel it, it matters, period.” If we don’t claim it, it will claim us because our emotions inform our decisions.  As you know, and have probably experienced, 2020 has been a rollercoaster. It has impacted us emotionally, mentally, physically, attitudinally, even spiritually for some of you. This year has made us look at every area of our lives with a magnifying glass. And although we can’t change the external experience of what is happening, we can change our experience of the experience.  What I mean by that is after 7+ months; you are probably ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster. The external experience is everything that has happened, and is happening governmentally, globally, and socially – everything outside of your control. While there are so many things that are making us feel so out of control, frustrated, sad, and perhaps even hopeless, ( read full post )

Whose Business Are You In?

On Oct 07, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
A few months ago I was talking to my girlfriend and I said, “I feel like I can never shut off my brain from worry about people, wanting them to be happy, or wanting to help everyone.” She, with so much love, said, “how are you allowing this and whose business are you spending more time in, yours, or theirs?” Goosebumps came across my entire body, which is my oh yeah, you have to look at this sign. What I realized is that I hadn’t been giving myself time to shut myself down from worry/helper mode because instead of just giving support when it was needed and/or asked for, I was constantly giving unasked for advice. AND, this was a big wake-up call, I was spending way too much time thinking and believing that I needed to be in other people’s business because I’m a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy! What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except that not everyone wants, needs, or gives a crap about what I think will make them happy. That isn’t up to ( read full post )

Do You Give Too Much of Yourself?

On Sep 28, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Are you giving too much to everyone around you, and not enough to yourself?  This has been a common theme coming up; not just in my own life, but also in conversations I have been having with other women.  If you are feeling tired because you have been taking care of everyone else in your life, leaving no time for yourself, your fatigue is most likely turning into frustration. You may be feeling trapped by having no freedom, annoyed by every ask, and perhaps you just want to be able to have days where you can do what you want, when you want.  Here is what I wrote the other day in my journal: “I’m feeling like lately I’m giving way too much and leaving little to no space for receiving, which is causing me to be annoyed, short-tempered and frustrated. I would like to see this from a different perspective, without resentment, and without frustration. What should I do? Who do I ( read full post )

Are You On The Wrong Path or Just Taking a Detour?

On Sep 21, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I woke up at 4:30 am a couple of weeks ago and started to think of all the detours, pauses, and paths that have led me to where I am today.  One of the questions that I’ve practiced asking myself is, “how is this happening for me, instead of to me?” This is so hard to do when we are deep in it, but it’s a helpful mindset practice. If we looked at our current challenges as detours, we can be frustrated, but also hopeful that it’s temporary. I’ll often use it as a mantra to help me through it, saying over and over again, “this is a temporary detour, I will be okay. I’ve gotten through more difficult challenges before.”  Let’s be honest, we don’t often see the value in what we experienced until we have healed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use this awareness to help us get through the challenging times.  Where Are You? Here is my question to you: ( read full post )

How To Make Life Happen For You, Instead of To You

On Sep 15, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I talk about checking in with your inner guide so much because I want you to be, do and have all that you desire. When we take pause to notice what we need, and allow ourselves to take inspired action on giving it to ourselves, we stop waiting for life to happen to us and make it happen for us. We spend so much time getting prepared for things. We plan, we schedule, we arrange, make lists – all in an attempt to make the project, event, party, trip, experience, or task successful. Most of you are probably great external world planners and organizers and don’t think twice about the time it takes. You just know it needs to get done, so you do it, no questions asked. We spend a lot of time making things successful on someone else’s behalf. Yet when it comes to your inner world, are you making the same arrangements, plans, schedules and lists? Are ( read full post )

Is Your Fear False Evidence Appearing Real?

On Sep 14, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
In all my shares about fear, I talk about not avoiding fear because we need that natural response for when we are in true danger, and instead, looking at where our fears have turned into panic. You can read about fear and panic here. I spend almost 2 hours in the fear module of my online workshop UNLEASH Your Limiting Beliefs because when we allow fear, that isn’t a true dangerous situation, to make our decisions for us, we are programming our brain to be afraid and panic in situations that we don’t need our fear response (fight, flight or freeze) for.  We begin to make decisions, or not make decisions based on False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). When that becomes so deeply engrained into our subconscious mind, we don’t even stop to question the fear response becomes it is a programmed, habitual response.   One thing I often make appear real is my fear of being judged and disliked for just being myself. I have to stop ( read full post )

New Beginnings: Ending a Cycle To Start Something New

On Sep 07, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
We are such cyclical beings. It always feels to me like things in my life go full circle. Lately I’ve been paying attention to what needs to end in my life so that the cycle can become complete. COVID lockdown really ignited that in me. I started to question what I no longer wanted to go back to, or continue to do when life was “normal” again. I’ve been asking myself, what needs to end in my life, personal or professional, mental or emotional to complete the cycle so I can move on to other things that support me, or light me up?  With endings becomes a new beginning. How often do you hold on to something that you know just doesn’t serve you? Ending something doesn’t mean you have failed, it just simply means that you know yourself and acknowledge that it is time to move on.  You can start and end at cycle at any time, but often we do so when we ( read full post )

Feel The Fear, But Avoid The Panic: Creating a Mental Emergency Preparedness Kit

On Sep 02, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Have you ever thought about creating a mental emergency preparedness kit? A little run in with some coyotes reminded me of the importance of this and being prepared so that normal fear doesn’t turn into panic. Last week I was out walking my dog Axl and came across a coyote. Usually when I see them, they just bark and run away. But on this day, he was very curious about us. As I turned to go another direction and he followed me. Not really being concerned yet, I picked up the pace and so did the coyote. I stopped, turned around and he stopped and sat. Each time I moved, he moved. Eventually another coyote came out and now I’m freaked. Not knowing what the protocol is to deal with coyotes, panic set in. Do I run, do I scream? I had no idea. My fear turned into panic and I ran, more concerned about my dog than myself. One ( read full post )

Do You Even Want To Be In The Race You Are Racing In?

On Aug 25, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
There have been so many things that I have done in my life that I did because it was what the herd was doing, or saying I should do. I worked in construction for 10 years, being a part of the rat race, racing to achieve, god only knows what, only to realize that I was in a race I didn’t even want to be in.  I remember being told growing up, especially in high school, that it was more important to get a job or career that offered security instead of following my passions. So I chose to get a business degree and entered that race, trying to feel that security everyone was talking about, but feeling emotionally, mentally and spiritually fatigued instead. I had joined a race I knew I didn’t even want to be in, suffering, because I followed the herd instead of my heart – my inner guide. She knew. I just ignored her. How often do we, do you do that?  When I ( read full post )

Dealing With Resistance

On Aug 19, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
So you want to make a change, but you are getting resistance from your friends and family. What do you do? There are so many external factors that inhibit change and one of the biggies are the nay-sayers. The people in your life who would prefer you stay just as you are, or don’t agree with what changes you are making, or how you are making them. And some people won’t understand your perspective on a certain topic.  Dealing with resistance can make you feel like the “odd woman out” as you might feel like you are not being fully appreciated, supported or understood.   A question I often get is, “why is it that people have a hard time supporting the changes I want to make?” Often is it is more comfortable for them if you remain your same, predictable self. The people close to us, parents, friends, partners, often just prefer to maintain the status quo. Your change, growth, and shift will ( read full post )

How To Gain Clarity When You Have a Decision To Make

On Aug 11, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
SO MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE, BUT WHICH ONE IS BEST?  Over the past few months, I’ve had to make so many decisions. Especially with regards to my company and where I needed to change to adapt to the shutdown. In fact, I’m still making pretty big decisions because the one area of my business that made the most revenue (corporate workshops) may be on hold for quite some time. I’ve been ensuring that I’m not just making the decisions from my mind, but also my heart. When I let my mind be the front show runner, I often feel stuck because it creates a mental movie of all the things that could go wrong. This can paralyze me from making any decision at all, or not going with my gut instinct because I’m afraid.  We make hundreds of decisions every week. From minor, what should I eat tonight? To major, should I change careers? The decision-making starts from the moment we ( read full post )

Calming The Scatterbrain

On Aug 04, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Scatterbrain is frustrating. When I’ve taken on too much I feel scattered, unclear, anxious, irritable and impatient.  Scatterbrain happens when we have:  Too many tasks to complete and are trying to multitask. Too many books, or reports to read and get overwhelmed by seeing the stack.  Too many podcasts to listen to and are reminded by our limited time. Too many people to visit and don’t know how we can get it all in. Too many projects to start and don’t know where to begin. Too many projects unfinished, waiting for completion and become frustrated.  Too many emails to reply to.  Too many phone calls to make. Too much information being thrown at us and don’t know what to believe, or how to decipher it.   JUST TOO MUCH!  These, and anything else you add to the list, are tabs open in your brain. They are up front and center, just reminding you of all you have to do, without enough time to do them, or are just in information ( read full post )

Eternal Optimist: There is a Solution To Every Problem

On Jul 22, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
There are some people who think there is a problem to every solution, but I say there is a solution to every problem.  I’m an eternal optimist. I’m not always positive, but I’m always optimistic. This is because I just know, from experience, that there is always a solution, an answer will come, time will pass and pain will ease, there is guidance all around us, support is there if we ask, obstacles can be busted through, or worked around, detours can be taken, mountains can be climbed…I TRUST in all of this.  Instead of focusing all of my attention on what the problem is, or finding a problem for every solution, which is emotionally draining and not productive, I use that same energy to focus on what I actually can do to solve the problem. It takes the same amount of energy to focus on the problem than it does to focus on the solution. One just feels so ( read full post )

When Your Mind Gets The Best of You

On Jul 16, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Last weekend I went to my very first group BBQ at someone else’s house since March, when COVID began. I was not my usual optimistic, contagiously positive girl self. I found it exhausting! It was mentally exhausting because my mind was in overdrive. Is there enough space? What if someone wants to hug, or shake hands, am I okay with that? Do I bring my own food and drinks? Do I take a drink offered from someone? Will there be too many people and not enough space to distance? And all the conversations and debates about it not being a real virus, the conspiracies, etc., just drained me. By 9:00 pm I was no longer just mentally exhausted, I was physically wiped and just wanted to crawl into bed. Instead of just being in the moment, I allowed my mind to get the best of me. It prevented me from fully enjoying myself and embracing my first real outing out ( read full post )

The Tools Don’t Work If You Don’t Use Them: Programming Your Brain To Be On Autopilot

On Jul 07, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I read a really amazing book a few months back and I didn’t use any of the tools recommended. The book was inspiring, it made me feel good reading it, and it was a lot of new stuff for my toolbox. But I didn’t practice one exercise or tool. My inner guide gently spoke to me, “the tools don’t work if you don’t use them.” If we want to stay mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and attitudinally strong, we have to use what we’ve got, and not just once, but consistently. You don’t go to the gym once and have muscles for life. It takes commitment, practice, and making a conscious choice. The subconscious brain works on autopilot. The more we practice, the more action we take, the more we nourish our bodies, feed our mind with positivity, react, act, and decide in ways that serve us, the more our brain will just automatically continue doing what we want it to do ( read full post )

Embracing Change: Recognizing When You Need A Shake-Up

On Jun 22, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Change is inevitable. We can fight against it. We can resist it. We can ignore it. But it’s still there and it’s still going to happen. Resist it, and constantly fight against the current, or we can embrace it knowing that it’s the most natural thing that happens as we age, grow, learn and evolve, as the seasons of our lives change, and as our wants, desires and needs change. Sometimes, we keep ignoring it so much that the universe offers us up a not so subtle wake-up call.  Since early March, we were all given a massive wake-up call. Whether we expected it, were ready for it, liked it, or not, it was forced upon us. For many of us, this forced wake-up call has made us look at many parts of our lives and examine what needs to be changed. One question I have been asking myself lately is, “do I really want every area of my life to go ( read full post )

The Worry Hangover: Are You Trying To Control The Uncontrollable?

On Jun 16, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Sometimes I get stuck in a worry loop. I lay awake at night thinking of the what-if scenarios. Sometimes I catch myself right away, but sometimes it goes on for a few days where I just keep playing all the potential bad things that could happen in my mind. Usually after a few days of my worrywart syndrome exposing itself, I finally realize the loop I am in and know I need to shift my attitude because it affects my emotional state and I end up moving way down the emotional scale. Also, 99% of the things I worry about are out of my control.  That doesn’t mean I stop caring, of course I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be worrying. It just means that I need to pay attention to how it is affecting my emotional state. Constant worry is so emotionally draining. It takes a lot of emotional energy to try and control things we cannot control. In fact, it ( read full post )

From Surviving To Thriving

On Jun 09, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
What Do Envision For Your Life Now That Things Are Opening Up  During these challenging times, many of us are in survival mode. Waiting things out as our provinces and cities start to lift restrictions in stages. This is very normal while we go through any challenges, especially a global pandemic that is affecting all areas of our lives – both personally and professionally.  I couple of weeks ago, while writing in my journal, I thought, “Where in my life had I been in survival mode before COVID-19?” A few things that instantly came to my mind were: Trying to get it “ALL” done as though that is even possible because there is always more to do. Trying to fit everything and everyone into an already tightly packed week. Trying to be good at everything instead of focusing my attention on the few things that I’m actually great at. Or listening to what everyone else is telling me I should do professionally, instead of listening to my inner guide. And not fully being ( read full post )

A Practice To Help You Gain More Clarity On What You Want & Need

On May 26, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
You have desires, wants, needs, goals and wishes. What are they?   What is it that you want to do? When I created Heart-Centered Goals I talked about this in depth. I never imagined how important that question would become.  As I scroll through social media each day, I see post after post of using this time to do more, to hustle more, don’t take your foot off the gas, and that if you are not doing that, you are wasting this time. Even though I understand what these influencers are trying to do, they want to motivate us in a time where many of us may be feeling unmotivated, it doesn’t resonate with me. I do know that this approach is very motivating for some, maybe even you, and I love that, but it won’t be my approach that I follow or teach throughout this crisis.  You see, for me, and for many women that I speak to, I don’t want to use this ( read full post )

Your Emotions Inform Your Decisions: The Emotional Scale Practice

On May 19, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
We all have a compass that guides us in our decision-making and is also the first indicator when we are experiencing stress or emotional discomfort. It’s our emotions – frustration, fear, irritability, panic, and anger, etc. Processing our emotions is an inside job. When we remember that, we are able to work recalibrating our compass back to our true north.  In this practice, we are going to be using the emotional scale as our guide. This practice will not only help you name your emotions, it will help you claim it, feel it, move with it and follow your compass back to feeling the way you want to feel.  Imagine if you just experienced an external stressor and it triggered you. You begin to think, “That makes me so angry!” Your mind starts to play back all the reasons you have to be angry, and even creates new stories that may not even have happened.  For example, let’s use something really small ( read full post )

Expectation Hangover

On May 12, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I’ve been putting all these expectations on myself to use this time at home in a specific way, and when I don’t meet them, I feel like I am failing. I have had to let that go – or rather I’m working at letting it go.  A couple of weeks ago I shared a journal prompt on social media about releasing expectations. Little did I know how much it would resonate with so many people, or how many people needed to hear it to validate that they are doing the best they can.   I think many of us put unrealistic expectations on ourselves on this endless quest of finding perfection. We put expectations on ourselves, we put expectations on others, and we take on expectations that other people have of us.  Trying to live up to most of these expectations is nothing short of soul sucking, mentally and emotionally draining, and unattainable. We literally can’t do it because we cannot be all ( read full post )

Transforming Fear Into Faith

On May 05, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
“If you fully knew who created you, and who walks beside you, you would never be afraid.”  Neale Donald Walsch I’ve never, you’ve never, we have never experienced anything like this in our lives. COVID-19 has really made me look at fear, but has also reminded me of all I have learned about recognizing fear has prepared me for this. This is a time of uncertainty, unknown and so much learning. But also unlearning, which we have to do so much of because we are taught to fear so much, even fear itself. We are even taught to fear emotional discomfort, which is why every week I have been saying, “You feel it, it matters. Period.” With many of us feeling like we are in this unknown and uncertain time, learning how to swim in these unchartered waters, we may be thinking, “Am I strong enough to handle this? Am I capable of learning all the new things I might have to ( read full post )

Practical Self-Care Tips

On Apr 21, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
We Need To Be More Selfless With Ourselves  You hear all the time, “you cannot give from an empty cup.” I mean, I’ve probably said it daily over the past 5 weeks since the COVID-19 crisis began. Before this began, I was out with my girlfriend talking about stress. She asked, “How do I manage my time better so I can be less stressed?” And I asked, “Do you really think time management is the problem?” And then I paused and let her digest and ponder that question. “No” she replied, “I don’t prioritize ME.”  If it was as simple as a time management problem, I think we would have it nailed down. And that is the real truth. We want it to simply be as easy as taking a time management course and all our stressors will go away. We want it to be simple. And the truth is, it can be simple, but we, especially women, have made self-care and prioritizing our health and happiness so very complicated.  We are experiencing a very different type of stress ( read full post )

Digital Detox: Taking Control of Your Mind Before It Controls You

On Apr 17, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
I am practicing taking 24 hours, just one day a week, away from the internet and it feels so good!  Sometimes the simplest thing we can do to find a happy place in the midst of all the external negative is to take a digital sabbatical and rest our brains.  MENTAL OVERLOADMany of us are carrying a heavy burden of brain toxicity overload. It’s an INFODEMIC everytime we log on! Social media, news, radio, cell phones, iPads, computers, etc. We are getting negative information thrown at as all day. Not to mention that sometimes the beeps, dings, chimes and rings can make us (or at least me) feel so irritable.  Taking care of our mental and emotional health is so important, but we can get sucked into the vortex of negativity so quickly. That is why it is so important to be mindful of when your mind needs a detox.  I recommend two things for detoxing your mind: no drama ( read full post )

7 Stages of Grief

On Apr 14, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
We Are Grieving The Life That We Imagined We Would Live in 2020. We are a month into self-isolation, and just coming off Easter weekend, where we would have been spending it with our families. For most of us, unless that family is living in your home, we were feeling a little unsettled this weekend not being able to be with our loved ones. I know I was. All weekend I felt like I should be somewhere. Which, of course, if it were life as “usual” I would have been. I received so many messages over the weekend from people saying they felt their anxiety and stress was higher than ever. Mine was as well. I was slightly short-tempered, felt like I couldn’t relax, wanted to do something, but also nothing. What I know for absolute sure is that this is so completely normal. Our mind, body, heart and soul is feeling everything so intensely. Some days are the most amazing days. You might have ( read full post )

24-Hours: All We Have Is Today

On Mar 31, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
On March 14th, most of us were thrown into reactive mode. We were told that schools would close, restaurants would have to shut their doors, and we were told to stay home and physically distance ourselves from each other. That alone was enough to throw us into a tailspin. And then we were told that all non-essential businesses would have to close. Every single day, sometimes hour by hour, we are being spun around.  It is okay if you are feeling dizzy. It is okay if you are feeling like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. It is okay to feel all the feels.  For me, on March 14h, my body and mind went into overdrive. To my core I am a problem solver and I went into my default. Adrenalin pumped through my body and my mind was sharp. It was though I could hear:  ‘“Your tribe is in trouble!”“You community is in trouble!” “Your friends and family are in trouble!” “Help ( read full post )

Dear Universe, We Hear You

On Mar 19, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
As I look at what used to be empty streets in my neighborhood, people are out playing basketball with their children in their driveways. Families walking together with their dogs, they are laughing and playing. I see joggers that I have never seen before.  I walk my dog Axl and people I never spoke to before stop at the end of their driveways to say hello. We chat from a distance and ask each other how we are coping and say, “If there is anything you need, please let me know.” We smile and continue on, feeling somewhat comforted by this strangers socially distant chat.  I woke up this morning, feeling rested for the first time in a long time, nowhere to rush off to, no hustling to be done, just a calmness and ease that I could really sit and enjoy my coffee and write in my journal, connecting with my inner guide. I’m watching the chipmunks, in what ( read full post )

Programming Your Brain To Work For You, Not Against You

On Mar 09, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Scientists have discovered (and known for years) that our thoughts actually change the physical makeup of our brain. This isn’t woo-woo, it is real scientific brain science. This means that what we think consistently changes our neural pathways. These neural pathways are what controls how we think and behave. What we think consistently controls our emotions. The simplest, but not always easy way to quiet our negative mind is to talk to ourselves in ways that makes our mind work for us, not against us.  If your mind tends to go into negative default, it is because it has been programmed to do. Which is great news because you can program it to take you to the positive as well. This takes practice and repetition, repetition, repetition. You don’t think one positive thought and all your limiting beliefs and negative programming go away. It didn’t take one thought to get you there either. It takes making a conscious effort to use language that supports you ( read full post )

Asking For & Receiving Help – Do You Find It Challenging?

On Mar 03, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
When my husband needs help with something, he simply just asks, “hey, can you help me with this?” He doesn’t stress over it for hours, or break his back trying to do it by himself. He simply just asks and accepts. I have always admired this about him.  My pattern is quite different. When I need help with something, my default tends to go to, “how can I figure out how to do this all by myself so that I don’t bother anyone or become a burden?” I proceed to try a bunch of different things, huff, puff, stress myself out, break my back, and finally I give in and I reluctantly ask for help. Or, I’ll get asked if I need help and I’ll proceed to say, “no, don’t worry, I got it.” Even though I know full well that I don’t got it! Sound familiar?  I’m getting better at this, but it is definitely a practice for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you. Being able to do everything ( read full post )

Giving Ourselves What We Are Asking Others For

On Feb 25, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
What do we all want from our relationships? We are all so unique, but I see a pattern in my coaching practice, when I’m speaking to friends and anytime I have deeper conversations with people. There are three common threads that I see many us wanting in relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.   We want:  1. To Be Seen – For who we authentically are.  2. To Be Acknowledged – I see you, I respect you, I hear you, I love you.  3. To Be Accepted – For all parts of what makes us US, but also for our differing beliefs, values and personality.   What I see often in relationships is that we are asking for what we are not giving to ourselves, or what we are not giving to others. In our Relationship Mastery workshop, my co-facilitator, Jolene Watson said, “stop asking for things you are not willing to give. You have to BE it to receive ( read full post )

You Are Not Going To Break

On Feb 18, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Have you ever thought you couldn’t get through something, it just felt too heavy, and when the time came you were surprised by how strong you were?   “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Christopher Reeve In January, we got a lot of ice rain and snow where I live. I walk my dog in the bush by my house and I can’t believe how much the trees can take during these storms. In some cases, the tree limbs were so heavy with ice and snow that they were laying on the ground. Not broken, just taking on the heavy load. They can do this because nature is always prepared for a storm, which makes them adaptable. So the trees are designed to flex and bend and when the storm passes and everything starts to thaw, the weight is lifted, and those trees will be right back up, strong and tall again.  This made me think about ( read full post )

Your Dreams Take Time

On Feb 11, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Did you know that an elephant is pregnant for 18-22 months? To be able to grow a baby so big, she has to carry the baby in her belly for 18-22 months before she gives birth to it. This is because elephants are the largest land animals in the world with the biggest brains, so they need the proper time for the fetus to develop in the womb so that the baby has the brain power to survive from birth.  When I learned this, I thought about the patience it takes and how nature knows exactly what is needed to grow this magnificent animal. It also made me think about how much humans rush, rush, rush, and hustle, hustle, hustle, and stress, stress, stress to get everything to come on our want-it-now timeline. We want everything right now or we are just unwilling to put the time in to grow, and be, do and have all that we desire. We often don’t give ourselves the proper time to heal, learn and grow in a way that our ( read full post )

No Is Not A Dirty Word

On Feb 04, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Are you leaving space in your life for rest, for things you love, or to say yes to fun opportunities that come up at the last minute? If you opened up your calendar right now, is there space in there for YOU? I had to start practicing saying no because I had every weekend booked, every evening had a networking event, every minute of the day was planned, organized and scheduled with me either sitting at my desk or with clients. This left no time for creativity, and no time to say yes to last minute things that come up.  It always left no time to just rest and do nothing. Which is so freaking blissful!  Saying no isn’t stomping your feet and telling everyone to go take a hike. It can simply be taking pause and doing two things: 1. Asking yourself if you actually want to do it?  2. Looking at your calendar and seeing if you even time ( read full post )


On Jan 28, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Your level of happiness will be on the best things you will ever spend your time and energy on.  Pre-Contagiously Positive days, I was only focused on setting business and life goals that would get me more: more stuff, more clothes, more house, more car, more money, more material objects – basically a lot more things, not more good feeling emotions. And I had the mindset that I would be happy when, and only when, I got all of those things. Each goal I set had a list of just MORE. Things that held no emotional attachment to me, brought me zero joy, and even things that I didn’t really want, but thought I “should” want.  Since I began creating my annual life vision, and heart centered goals, I have come to realize that I never wanted to HAVE more, I wanted, and continue to want to FEEL more.  Meaning, I want more fun experiences, I want more child-like excitement, and I ( read full post )

What Do You Want?

On Jan 21, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
This week, I had the extreme joy of teaching a grade 12 class on creating heart-centered goals. They are all about to graduate and most of them are heading to college in the fall. During one of the conversations, it became clear that once they hit a certain age, their parents and teachers stopped telling them to dream and use their imagination, and instead, be realistic. They have had all these big dreams for their lives and now when they are just about to graduate and go into the world independently, they are told to be realistic about what goals they set for themselves. Is this when we begin to instil fear in them, just before they go out on their own, which is already a scary enough?  As I thought about it that is exactly what happens. For years our dream of being an artist is supported and then we are told it won’t make us any money. Or, ( read full post )

Your Body Is Talking To You, But Are You Listening?

On Jan 14, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
Your body is uniquely designed: your digestive system, your organs, and your cells, all react differently to the foods, thoughts and emotions that you consume. That is why it is so important to get to know your body and to listen to the messages it is giving you.  Whether you are listening to your bodies signals or not, it will always tell you what’s up, what it doesn’t like and what it does like. If you eat something and it makes you feel tired, sick, gives you a rash, or you experience stomach upsets, that is a sign that you might not want to eat or drink that specific food. Those are the signs we can’t ignore. But it will also speak to you emotionally with feelings of irritability, and perhaps sadness. Yes, food does have that affect on us. On the flip side of that, when you are really taking care of your body, you will get a rush ( read full post )

You Are In The Drivers Seat

On Jan 07, 2020 By: Laurie-ann
If your life was a car, are you the one driving it? I don’t want you to be a passenger in your life, letting everyone else dictate where you are going, what you should do, and how you want to feel. I want you to be where you deserve – in the drivers seat. I want you all to step into 2020 with excitement and hope that it is going to be an amazing year. Which is why this weeks blog I’m sharing a few things I believe can help us all to feel the way we want to feel and start our year off intentional about what we want and putting ourselves in the drivers seat.   I decided not to set any resolutions for 2020. I want to spend my focus and energy on adding more health and happiness into my life, not focusing on what I don’t want or don’t have. That feels too limiting and I ( read full post )

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