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Saggy boobs, Laugh Lines and Freckles. Love Them All!

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My boobs are going to sag, nothing a good bra can’t fix. I will get lines around my eyes, all from laughing of course. The tops of my hands start to look older, which is the amazing gift from playing in the garden, digging in the dirt and making so many memory filled meals for my family and friends. Freckles will randomly appear everywhere on my body from so many fun adventures in the sun. And what’s that? Oh, its okay, it is just white hair. All of this appears, not from being old, just from being older.


“I’m not getting old,” I tell my younger friends who gasp when I tell them that I am about to turn 38. “OMG, are you scared of turning 40?!” What? That’s ridiculous! The world will not end when I turn 40. I can still chase all the dreams that I have not yet caught. There will always be time, energy and a desire, even at the age of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, as long as God generously grants me another day. Age is just a number and I am not a number. I will relish in the event of a new decade to enjoy, live, love and cherish. I know how precious it is to make it to another birthday. Not everyone is so lucky. Remember that.


I am not getting old, I am getting stronger, wiser, more laid back, less stressed, more patient, actually, I’m still working on that one because you think 40 is old, but hey it’s a process. I forgive you. I’m so much more compassionate and my heart could literally explode from enjoying the littlest of things that I never appreciated when I was in my twenties.


I no longer ask how I can climb a corporate ladder, make millions of dollars and collect more stuff. Now I ask, how can I create more adventures, travel more, love harder, stress less, sit in silence while watching a sunset, not needing to fill the quiet, but instead enjoying it. I now ask for more cuddles and hugs, and how I can make more memories with the people that I love.


I will never care or stress over the age on my license that reminds me how old I am. I care so little about my age that I sometimes forget. Handy little things those licenses. What a waste of energy and focus it is to stress about a number. Can you image all of our loved ones watching us complain from above, wishing they had another birthday to celebrate. Think about that. Instead, I care about the things that fill my heart and soul so much that it feels like I will explode with love and gratitude. I care about the things that will expand my life and those around me. I care about never ignoring my inner child. She so deserves to play as her older self works really hard. I care about being a good human and living a life with intention, purpose, kindness, and of course my favorite thing, LOVE. Did I already mention love? In case you need a reminder, I love L.O.V.E.


I will continue to dance with no rhythm, talk in song to push my hubby to the edge of insanity, laugh until I’m about to pee my pants (I hear that happens as we get older), search for the unicorn that everyone says is not real, but that is just silliness because my mom told me she was real when I was a child and she would never lie. From this moment, I will believe in miracles and that love can literally cure all. I will do all of this until my last saggy boobed, white haired, laugh lined, freckled face takes its last breathe.


Sending you oodles of positivity, happiness and joy,

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, The Contagiously Positive Girl

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