“I am fully committed to the miracles that can occur in my life if I shatter the force fields keeping my inner contagiously positive girl. That commitment, belief, and faith is what constantly guides me away from the darkness and lights up the path to happiness and joy. This book honors that deepest commitment. My passion, my mission and my deepest desire is to spread this light to as many people as I can.”

Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive is a personal story of one woman’s journey from fear and limiting beliefs, to happiness and joy. Using her journey as a roadmap, Laurie-ann Sheldrick, dubbed the Contagiously Positive Girl, offers readers the necessary tools to overcome the darkest parts of ourselves that keep us from feeling happy and fulfilled. She will show you how you can transform limiting beliefs, fear, past pains and self-sabotage, make decisions with ease and find freedom in forgiveness, so that you can unleash your own Inner Contagiously Positive. Through her stories, lessons, and powerful questions, you will learn how to fully, fabulously, joyfully and magically step out of the darkness and live happily ever after in the light. She is determined to help you unlock the true power that already lies within you and return back to love.

Sneak Peak Reading From Chapter 7 


Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Contagiously Positive.

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